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The Sichuan inscription found Millennium culture into full sprint "password" – Beijing "Shudao difficult, almost inaccessible!" The Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai "Sichuan Road", so that the ancient Shu is famous in the world. In 2015, included in the official Sichuan world cultural and natural heritage tentative list. In April 2016, the Sichuan provincial government set up the Sichuan world natural and cultural heritage declaration work leading group. The Sichuan Sichuan inscription, nominated including Jinniu Road, Micang Road, Ping Road, Lai Chi Road 4 ancient Shu and related areas. At present, the Sichuan inscription has entered the sprint. In May 2014, our province officially launched Sichuan declaration of the world cultural and natural heritage work. "The ancient Shu Sichuan is connected in Guanzhong and the Central Plains Road, is now the equivalent of highway. It is not only a strategic route, but also the ordinary people for cultural routes of communication with the outside world." Mei Zhengzheng, director of the Chengdu Museum of Wuhou Temple, said. The inscription "Shudao Jinniu Road, Micang Road, Ping Road, Lai Chi Road four ancient road, with Jianmen Pass as the center of Taurus Road, is a section of the core and the most dangerous, the ever present Jianmen Pass, Zhaohua ancient monuments, Cuiyun gallery and many other sites." Yu Tianxi, director of Guangyuan Municipal Administration of cultural relics. Micang Sichuan, Hanzhoung is the main route, shortcut. On the road has left the path along the cliff hole in the Qin and Han Dynasties, the Tang and Song Dynasties, the Ming and Qing Dynasties inscription inscription, road etc.. While Ping Road in southern Gansu into a shortcut to Sichuan, the middle motenlin vast spans, is the strategic battleground. Litchi is Sichuan Shaanxi Road between important trade Avenue, according to historical records, "one out of Sichuan, Sichuan cotton", that the history is an important channel in Sichuan shaanxi. To meet the 6 World Heritage Sichuan standard for evidence, this work hard but full of surprises. In March 9, 2015, the Sichuan range of litchi, from the Imperial Palace Museum of Peking University, nearly 20 archaeological and historian, ran out of messy thorns, suddenly see a moment in the inscription on the stone. The experts found that after reading this moment, in 1109 the "Ziyun spirit" Ming Ping planting garden, recorded the Song Dynasty to Wanyuan tea Wang brothers story. It thus became the earliest discovered from tea lithoglyphs, provides important evidence for the Sichuan Sichuan channel as ever. Emperor Berlin, white town…… Through thoroughly, natural and cultural resources Sichuan continue to explore. In addition, road bridges, ancient architecture, ancient tombs, the experts also found that "three official" "library Lou Wan" tieluba "and other ancient names are still in use. The style and distribution in Xuanhan, Dazhu, Quxian County and other counties of Sichuan, 6 Tang cliff carvings, the experts found in the Tang and Song Dynasties, Micang and litchi road the two north-south route has existed evidence of lateral connections. (reporter Qin Yong)相关的主题文章: