The second child to take into account the impact of maternal Dabao Sohu 9c8921

The second child to take into account the impact of Dabao many conditions allow Sohu maternal families want to prepare a second child, I hope the new baby to the family to bring more joy, also let the baby not only so lonely. But the child is not only a couple of things, but also consider the impact on the dabao. 1, the pregnant mother and Dabao share experience though, is pregnant mother things after pregnancy due to various body discomfort, mother physiology and psychology is very uncomfortable. Any change during the second child pregnant mother body appears to have Dabao share, for example, the belly bulge and other physical changes of morning sickness, tell him it’s brother and sister to come. Is this the way you might as well tell Dabao, grew up in the inside of the mother, brother or sister and mother in the stomach, have to meet you, wait a few months we can see him. At the same time, let the stomach change Dabao mother fetal observation, fetal movement, let Dabao leaned on her stomach, to feel the power of a new life. It’s a good life and love education. 2, to participate in the new baby Dabao ready to name future brother sister, it is better to let Dabao participation, and let Dabao provide their own ideas, can help to let Dabao two treasure a petname. This is a respect for Dabao way, and the baby will be because of my brother and sister will be excited and full of expectation. In addition, in daily life, if the conversation involves the fetus, should not be called "baby" or want a good name, it is best to fetus called "* * (Dabao nicknames) little sister brother". As a newborn ready goods, to wear clothes to Dabao son out, told him: These are before you, you are too small, can give future brother sister to wear? If a little clothes on Dabao reluctant to let him keep. Of course, if Mom and dad can mobilize Dabao "must sell a share of their favorite toy is better. If you do not want to Dabao reluctantly, to avoid being Dabao think they love away, to prevent confusion Bao Baogang established the sovereignty. If you have brothers and sisters, 3 parents with brotherly affection infection may wish mom and dad Dabao, Dabao and told the brothers and sisters story, let him look forward to his younger brother and sister life. For example, mother and mother’s younger brother to play together, playing what games, good fun! My father and my sister go to school together and go home after school. My father prepares delicious dumplings for my sister! These stories inadvertently revealed to let Dabao realize brotherly affection, the love between siblings and joy, expect to have brothers and sisters. 4 parents, brother and sister welcome speech to create a family atmosphere to a second child, the family also need to do a good work. Mom and dad and the elders should convey the second child of the family idea, and request support. If some relatives do not agree with a second child, the child before the less let Dabao contact these relatives. Because the child needs a good family atmosphere, if the family kept in Dabao ear said: "Mom another brother.相关的主题文章: