The Power Of Susan Boyle-sugus

UnCategorized The world has been mesmerized by this humble woman with an amazing voice. What lessons have we learned about our society’s view of attractiveness and fitting a certain look to appeal to the masses? As a dating coach, I work with singles who struggle with their confidence feeling not good enough, thin enough or young enough to attract the right person. .paring themselves to the images on television and movies, they feel inadequate if they do not resemble Angelina or Brad. I think it is time for a shift in our humanity, a wake-up call to what we believe is beautiful. People are saying that Susan Boyle should get a makeover, but then she would succumb to the pressures that the world has placed upon physical attractiveness. Who decides what makes a person appealing anyway? This brings me to a larger issue, society’s attachment on the external as a gauge for their self-worth. People look to what others have to judge if they are good enough, if they rate. They question themselves if they have the right talent, skills, education, look, friends, body, and so on. Many singles struggle that if they do not have a mate, they are broken in some way. Having another person next to them makes them feel safe and secure. Others feel that their .-worth is a determining factor in their sense of self-satisfaction. The drive for things, power and beauty is not the solution to happiness but the problem. There will always be someone better looking, wealthier and more famous than you. So many people out there are imprisoned in a world where they never feel satisfied. True peace is finding that internal voice that loves you just as you are, no matter what the external circumstances. How brave Susan was to stand in front of a disbelieving audience, knowing the judgments that she would face. She did not listen to a voice inside that said "you aren’t pretty enough" and "you don’t fit the look of a superstar." How many of us would have the courage to face such adversity on national television? The next time you label yourself as a failure, not having enough or looking good enough remember Susan Boyle. She had a gift inside that she needed to share with the world and did not let the doubting voice stop her. You have a beautiful song deep inside that wants to be heard. The divine gave you this gift to share and who are you (or anyone else) to say it isn’t good enough? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: