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The patient in the operation room fart fire is really false? A few days ago – Sohu mother saw a interesting medical news: Japan a fart in the patient suddenly received laser surgery, operation room caused by fire, the woman was burned. The Japanese authorities after investigation, the woman was judged the fart is the main cause of this accident. Because of the composition of the fart contains flammable hydrogen and methane, if the proportion of up to 47% hydrogen may detonate. According to statistics, the average human fart 5 to 15 times a day, originally fart is a physiological reaction of nature. However, in a special occasion, it becomes a special phenomenon. In our delivery room, too. Generally speaking, in the delivery room cesarean must be hospitalized in the ward, to see if there is no risk of bleeding symptoms, and maternal postoperative normal a key index, there is no exhaust, also known as "fart". Therefore, we in these women after surgery, the most asked question is: did you fart? This makes many new mothers feel strange, fart is also a part of the body recovery? Yes, indeed, postpartum fart or not, it is important for new mothers. After cesarean delivery, a series of problems can be reduced by abdominal distention after caesarean section. As long as the exhaust, we rest assured that the mother can be the same as ordinary people, normal eating, activity. Caesarean section, is actually a kind of abdominal surgery, surgery, because of anesthesia, changes and other factors, maternal intestinal irritation, intestinal peristalsis will weaken. Usually after 24 to 48 hours, the intestinal function will be gradually restored. The anus exhaust, is the fart is a sign of intestinal peristalsis, intestinal function recovery showed that mothers. Only after the recovery of intestinal peristalsis, mothers can eat semi liquid diet and normal food, otherwise the stomach is unbearable. So, in the delivery room, postpartum exhaust or not to become a "big business." A normal, 24 hours after caesarean birth, mothers will exhaust, if 48 hours have not exhaust, is not normal, must find a doctor to check processing. Therefore, mothers should as soon as possible in exhaust after cesarean section, we advocate the new ambulation, to help postpartum exhaust. 24 hours after the cesarean section, in the family’s help, appropriate light while standing or walking a few steps, do 3 to 4 times a day, which can early recovery of intestinal peristalsis. However, there are new mothers first out of bed will have "black eyes", "vertigo" hypotension phenomenon, can wait a bit longer to get out of bed, if you really can not stand, can appropriate activities in bed, such as multi turn over, this is conducive to the exhaust, can prevent the adhesion of internal organs. We generally recommend that mothers family for new mothers from the top down and gently massage the abdomen, every 2 ~ 3 hours for a massage, each 10 to 20 minutes. Not only promote intestinal peristalsis, but also conducive to the uterus, vaginal discharge residual blood. It is not, by oral drugs also can promote intestinal peristalsis abdominal distension, when necessary, can be used suppository or enema. But because of this for postpartum new mothers,.相关的主题文章: