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The National Day holiday to usher in the return peak north of Guangzhou city traffic pressure – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on October 7th news (reporter Ma Chuang) according to the China voice of "news" reported that the National Day holiday entered the final day of the long-term tourists continue to return, civil aviation, railway and highway phase after peak return into the. Long, short distance travel and local leisure three peaks and streams, Kita Kamihiro and other major cities to increase traffic pressure. The road, with the Ministry of transport Road Network Information Center shows today, most national highway to usher in the return peak, the city began to return direction of large flow and partial congestion phenomenon. The network center national value monitor Dong Leihong, the morning of October 6th, the national average of ten major transport channel section traffic volume of 15586 vehicles, mainly located in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Chengdu Chongqing area. As of 3 pm today, Beijing province wide high-speed, high-speed airport, Shanghai Shanghai and Shaanxi Hunan high-speed, high-speed Beijing Hong Kong and Macao, Guangzhou Shen speed and Chongqing sea speed, Chongqing, Sichuan Kunming high-speed Jing Kun speed part of road traffic is large, tomorrow is expected to return traffic has declined compared to today, but more concentrated in the surrounding road network large and medium-sized city and the return channel, time to focus on after 3 p.m.. The railway, according to the China railway company data provided by the national railway today is expected to send 11 million 600 thousand passengers, is expected to open 601 passenger trains. October 5th, the national railway passenger 10 million 696 thousand passengers, an increase of more than 892 thousand passengers, an increase of 9.1%, since the National Day Golden Week transportation, the national railway passenger volume has exceeded ten million consecutive days of 6. Chinese railway company information officer Hu Qiushi introduced in October 5th, the Shanghai Railway Bureau sent 2 million 174 thousand passengers, an increase of 293 thousand passengers, an increase of 15.6%; Guangzhou Railway Group sent 1 million 366 thousand passengers, an increase of 174 thousand passengers, an increase of 14.6%; the Beijing Railway Bureau to send passengers 1 million 29 thousand passengers, an increase of 33 thousand passengers, up 3.3%. In order to meet the needs of the return peak, in October 5th, to open the national railway passenger train 432. Among them, Xi’an to Beijing, Shanghai, Taiyuan, Chongqing and other directions of the 56 passenger trains; Jiangxi, Fujian province to go to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other passenger trains in the direction of the list of 47. Because the return traffic is large, but not recommended in the online booking tickets of passenger tickets as soon as possible. Civil aviation, the Beijing have small to moderate weather, today the capital airport security flight 1691 sorties, 262 thousand and 300 passengers out of Hong kong. Only a small area delay. Southeast of Shanghai controlled areas have moderate rain, also had a small area of delay, Guangzhou Baiyun, Shenzhen Baoan, Sanya Phoenix Airport normal traffic. Beijing has ushered in return peak passenger flow from yesterday. 10 morning, Beijing high-speed Beijing direction of the vehicle has been from Beijing Doudian service area to the Zhuozhou toll station interrupted congestion, congestion 8 km. The wide high-speed, high-speed, high-speed Beijing Tibet and Beijing Chengde, Beijing direction traffic is very large, peak traffic continued.相关的主题文章: