The Memory Foam Mattress

Home-Improvement Usually, a memory foam mattress is made from memory foam that is denser than most other types of foam mattresses. A memory foam mattress will support more weight but is heavier than a normal foam mattress. Often, it is considered a great .promise between the .fort of a soft mattress and the solidness of firm one. Memory foam mattresses frequently out sell traditional mattresses. The .fort level of a memory foam mattress is determined by the hardness and softness of the mattress. The firmness of a memory foam mattress is determined by a rating system that is called the indentation force deflection (IFD). The greater the IFD and the lower the density of the foam and the mattress will feel soft when it is .pressed. Many memory foam mattresses are made from memory foam that is firm. Some reports indicate that the IFD isnt an accurate way to measure the softness of the memory foam. Memory foam has an open cell structure which reacts to heat and body weight molding itself to the body which helps to relieve the points of pressure that cause pressure sores. While most memory foam is made from the same basic chemicals, the density of the foam and the layer thickness will make one mattress feel different from another. Some memory foam mattresses will exhibit a high density that will have a much better rating of .pression over its lifetime. The lower density mattress will have somewhat of a shorter life as a result of the .pression that happens after repeated usage. Cell structures vary from very open to almost closed. There is less airflow the tighter the cell structure is throughout the foam. There is some memory foam that has been known to be very hot to sleep on. Memory foam that is breathable has a cell structure that is more open, which permits less odor retention at packaging, a higher airflow rate, a higher airflow rate, and better recovery. The cell structure has very little to do with faster or slower recovery. Usually, very high levels arent used in mattresses with the exception of Tempurpedic. Another thing that has an effect on the capabilities of mattresses is the amount of memory foam. If the memory foam is less than 2, it wont have much of an effect, but 6 of memory foam would be too soft and dense to sleep on .fortably. So, each mattress is a .bination of its height, density, and type each of which will have different properties. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: