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Was lost. | punish evasion evasion | lost _ Sina News: the original title was punished according to reports. Lost fare, 7 Henan tourists to Yuntai Mountain into the area of self seeking road to lost trapped cliff area after receiving the report the first time to cooperate with local police and rescue. Due to the hardships of the mountain, the search and rescue began at 5:30 p.m. 8, lasted nearly 10 hours. 9 at about 3 a.m., rescuers finally found trapped on the cliff, has been shivering cold 7 people. In recent years, every holiday, there are always some people who don’t want to buy a ticket, but secretly detour into the area, the result is self defeating, lost in the mountains, and then the police for help, spend a lot of public resources. Although they were saved, they wasted a lot of public resources because of their selfishness, and they should be punished accordingly, not only to educate themselves, but also to warn others. However, in recent years because private break the box, fare evasion detour into scenic trapped when the incident occurred, although each has been strongly condemned by the public and public opinion, but because there is no more severe punishment, so the media exposure, public condemnation, avoid such incidents happen again and again. Only by strictly punishing this kind of behavior, can the private forbidden zone be restrained. In abroad, many countries tried to enter the scenic area of this kind of fare evasion or private break restricted and trapped, and finally the use of public resources to rescue the behavior of the parties must pay to pay for their own behavior, and must also be subject to appropriate economic penalties, such experience is worth learning. Zhu Zhongbao (teacher) editor: Huang Rui SN224

逃票迷路被救应严惩|逃票|迷路_新浪新闻   原标题:逃票迷路被救应严惩   据报道,河南7名游客为逃票进入云台山景区自寻山道而迷路被困悬崖,景区接报后第一时间派员配合当地警方展开搜救。由于山路艰险,搜救从8日下午5:30开始,一直持续了近10个小时。9日凌晨3点左右,搜救人员终于找到被困在悬崖上已被冻得瑟瑟发抖的7人。   近年来,每到节假日,总有那么一些人不想购买景区门票,而私自绕道进入景区,结果是弄巧成拙,在山间迷了路,然后再报警求助,动用大量公共资源。他们虽然得救了,但因为他们的自私,而浪费了大量公共资源,对这种行为应予以相应的处罚,既是教育他们自己,也是警示其他人。   然而,近年来因为私闯禁区、逃票绕道进入景区被困事件时有发生,虽然每一次都受到公众与舆论的强烈谴责,但因为没有更严厉的处罚,所以媒体的曝光,公众的谴责,制止不了这类事件的一再发生。只有从严从重对这类行为进行处罚,私闯禁区行为才能得到遏制。   纵观国外,很多国家对这类企图逃票进入景区或私闯禁区而被困,最后动用公共资源营救的行为,当事人都必须掏钱为自己的行为买单,并且还必须受到相应的经济处罚,这样的经验值得借鉴。   □朱忠保(教师) 责任编辑:黄睿 SN224相关的主题文章: