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| There are many fundamentals in life, things that we need to make our lives work well for us. Time management is one of those fundamentals. Without it, it is difficult to get anything done, or have time to enjoy anything in life. There are also no guarantees in life. Its nearly impossible to know exactly what will happen tomorrow, we can only plan to a certain extent. Planning is an essential element in time management; still plans have the ability to change. This is why prioritizing the things you need to ac.plish is important, and .pleting what you can in a manageable time frame crucial. Finishing one task paves the way to .pleting the next one. You can begin by taking notes and making lists, in order to sort through your tasks to be .pleted. Dealing with Emails at Work for Time Management IF your job requires you to do a lot of your business through email and the Internet, then you know how excessive emails can get. There are certain messages, such as customer contacts, contracts, and other important .munication that you need to retain, and a convenient way to get this stuff done is through email. Where you get in trouble is through spam, or junk email. This can be avoided by not using your work email address for personal .munications or Web surfing. Be sure to organize your email inbox using folders, in order to prioritize your various types of messages, and for quick reference. And back up any information you want to keep for the long term, and delete messages you no longer need. Many .panies have a managing program that works to save time. Databases often store valuable information, and should be maintained. If you store information on the database, be sure to delete or store old files in a different area, so you can save time. Taking Notes Taking notes is a fundamental part of making time management work. But the notes should be short and direct, and not require too much of their own .anization! Having good notes helps us to stay .anized and on task, especially if you attend a lot of meetings. You can stay ahead of the game if you take notes before and after the meeting, and you will always be able to convey your ideas to co-workers. The fundamentals of time management help prepare you for the demands of work, as well as every other aspect of your personal life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: