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Artists If you are searching for original artwork to place in your home or business, it is easier to find these pieces by utilizing the World Wide Web. More artists today, such as Anita Murphy, are recognizing the power and convenience of the internet in marketing their work. In addition to direct presentation of art for sale online, the Web can be used to promote art shows in the region or the .munity. Artists also appear at flea markets and local galleries. The techniques of marketing are much like those used for promoting any other product. You want to take advantage of various media opportunities to show the product in a favorable light. Showing images of works of art is helpful in presenting a likeness to attract buyers. It doesn’t necessarily help directly in increasing rankings. Images show what the art looks like, however imperfectly, but in order to reach the maximum number of potential buyers, there must be linkable words attached to the images. These are the ranking-building tools that are a .ponent of search engine algorithmic elements. As with other types of products, art must be described in a way that attracts the interest of searchers. Canadian Murphy works in several different mediums to show how she perceives the world. There are artistic creations in watercolor and charcoal. You can see canvases in oil and acrylic. She appears willing to try various mediums as they catch her interest. The artist uses various subjects in her canvasses. There are many still life portrayals with food groupings such as fruit, red peppers and garlic bulbs. Another popular subject is rural landscapes. Some of these are trees and snow. Others show deserted or abandoned buildings as a focal point. She has included landscapes in summer greenery, fall colons and several with snow and shadows. There is a portrait or two, but these are more representative rather than being a detailed image of a specific subject. An increasing use of blogs and social media is another way for artists to promote their work. There is a .munity of artists and fans who talk about the type of work that is being done. Describing a current location, or the sale of a favorite piece is worth a .ment in the blog. For Murphy, discussing how she is trying a different style or approach is a good opportunity for buyers to learn more about the thought processes of an artist. Typically, preference of the work of a particular artist is a very personal thing. The appreciation of this artist is outside style and medium. What makes her interesting is her .ments about her work. She is not bound by a specific style or subject. She even mentions her growing appreciation of Abstract as a style. The work of Anita Murphy can be found online or by mail order. She has a blog where she shows images of her work. Potential buyers can contact her through the blog. She also is a presence on several forums and artistic .munity sites where she is known and respected. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: