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Tanzania aircraft debris confirmation from Malaysia Airlines flight 370, the original title: Tanzania aircraft debris confirmation from Malaysia Airlines 370 according to Xinhua news agency, the Australian infrastructure and transportation minister Darren · Chester said in a statement 16, debris found in Tanzania in June this year the plane determined from the 2014 crash of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 passenger plane. Chester said that after the request of the Malaysia authorities, the aircraft debris was transported to Australia and the Australian Transport Safety inspection. Australia in the checking of unique identification numbers on the debris, it determined from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 aircraft. Chester said that this is the second piece completely determined from Malaysia Airlines flight 370 debris. Is still unable to determine the exact location of the aircraft missing, the search is still concentrated in the southern India ocean region. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau issued a statement said 15 confirmed 9M MRO encoding this fragment is the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 aircraft lateral flap registration code. In June 20th this year, Tanzania, Pemba beach found a piece of debris, the shape of wing flap may be inferred from the aircraft, and the debris found consistent location drift model with Malaysia Airlines flight 370 wreckage. Australian authorities subsequently carried out inspection and identification of the aircraft debris. Prior to this, a piece of debris has been confirmed from Malaysia Airlines flight 370. March 8, 2014, from Malaysia to Beijing, China, Malaysia Airlines flight 370 lost contact with the aircraft, the aircraft was carrying a total of 239 people on. January 29, 2015, the Malaysia Civil Aviation Authority announced that the plane crashed airliner, and presumed all personnel on board were killed. Since the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 airliner, Australia has been dominated in the southern India ocean Undersea Search operations. In July 22nd this year, Malaysia, Australia and China three party ministers issued a joint statement said that if in the current designated 120 thousand square kilometers in the search region not found Malaysia Airlines flight 370 aircraft and the lack of reliable evidence, the search operation will abort. Currently, undersea search operations are still in the South India ocean waters. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: