Tammy Chen Thailand wedding ceremony the groom was tested wearing high heels tencent upd

Tammy Chen Thailand wedding groom tested wearing high-heeled shoes Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Xue Boren married Tammy Chen in Chiang Mai this morning, he was too nervous to can’t sleep the whole night, but have come up with a thousand tricks Tammy Chen bestie to whole he chose three games, "love password", the answer is 926 (the wedding day), "love memory test", column 10 of the bride’s problem. Did not expect the groom second questions wrong, punishment is wearing high heels to walk, when the girls work experience! The third is the wife of the code for the love of reading, "the groom and the best man to shout:" Tammy, I LOVE YOU~ "smile to the scene friend letaotao. After the completion of the final hurdles, Xue Boren shed sweat kneeling in front of Tammy Chen, like the prince princess shoes help like to pick up the shoes to help Tammy Chen put the bride, but naughty let him catch the foot, so cute move, let the atmosphere hi to high, eventually married to a beautiful woman! After the game, Tammy Chen leave parents are reluctant to her father, said: "I hope the two together, the most important is a said of a couple, Jianjiankangkang, Pinpin Ann Ann." Tammy Chen tearful response: "wish mom and dad to take care of your body."相关的主题文章: