Taiyuan former Secretary Chen Chuanping yesterday in the Xuzhou trial of bribery caused by loss of s-tda7294

Taiyuan former Secretary Chen Chuanping yesterday in the Xuzhou trial of bribery caused by loss of state-owned assets of 907 million 27, Xuzhou City Intermediate People’s court held a public hearing of the original Shanxi Provincial Committee, former Secretary of the Taiyuan Municipal Committee Chen Chuanping bribery case, state-owned company personnel breach of privilege. The people’s Procuratorate of Jiangsu, Xuzhou province sent a court to support the public prosecution, and the defendant Chen Chuanping and his defender appeared in court. The former party secretary of Taiyuan Chen Chuanping corruption case first instance court Chen Chuanping pleaded guilty in court accused the Xuzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate repentance: 2008 to 2013, the defendant Chen Chuanping use as the convenience of the people’s Government of Shanxi Province, vice governor of Shanxi Provincial Committee of the CPC Taiyuan Municipal Committee, Secretary of the office of Taiyuan iron and steel (Group) Co., Ltd. four units and in the enterprise production management, job promotion and other matters for their interests, directly or through the wife of illegally accepting units and individuals to give the property totaling RMB 910 thousand yuan. From May 2005 to November 2007, Chen Chuanping served in the Taiyuan iron and steel (Group) Co., Ltd. and Taiyuan iron and steel (Group) chairman during the international economic and Trade Co. Ltd., unauthorized decisions and direct subsidiary of Taigang Import & Export (Hongkong) Co., a large number of futures trading in overseas, resulting in the loss of state assets is equivalent to RMB 9.0714983612 yuan. Chen Chuanping’s criminal responsibility should be investigated according to law according to the crime of bribery and the abuse of power in state owned company. During the trial, Chen Chuanping made the final statement, pleaded guilty and pleaded guilty in court. Finally, the court adjourned the trial, scheduled for sentencing. According to Xinhua News Agency

太原原书记陈川平昨在徐州受审 受贿致国资损失9.07亿徐州市中级人民法院27日一审公开开庭审理了山西省委原常委、太原市委原书记陈川平受贿、国有公司人员滥用职权一案。江苏省徐州市人民检察院派员出庭支持公诉,被告人陈川平及其辩护人到庭参加诉讼。 原太原市委书记陈川平贪腐案一审开庭 陈川平当庭认罪悔罪 徐州市人民检察院指控:2008年至2013年,被告人陈川平利用担任山西省人民政府副省长、中共山西省委常委、太原市委书记职务上的便利,为太原钢铁(集团)有限公司等四个单位和个人在企业生产经营、职务晋升等事项上谋取利益,直接或者通过其妻非法收受上述单位和个人给予的财物共计折合人民币91万元。2005年5月至2007年11月,陈川平在担任太原钢铁(集团)有限公司兼太原钢铁(集团)国际经济贸易有限公司董事长期间,违规擅自决定并直接指挥子公司太钢进出口(香港)有限公司在境外进行大量期货交易,造成国有资产损失折合人民币9.0714983612亿元。依法应以受贿罪、国有公司人员滥用职权罪追究陈川平的刑事责任。庭审中,陈川平进行了最后陈述,当庭表示认罪悔罪。最后法庭宣布休庭,择期宣判。据新华社相关的主题文章: