Taiwan authorities on the Trump team unfamiliar with Cai Yingwen wrong treasure – new network winfast

Taiwan authorities on the Trump team unfamiliar with Cai Yingwen wrong treasure? Beijing – the Taiwan authorities for team Trump Cai Yingwen was questioned "strange bets" [Global Times special correspondent in Taipei Cui Mingxuan] Trump was elected on the island, many people seem to be betting on Hilary Cai Yingwen’s defeat. Now Trump’s policy is still a mystery, full of uncertainty, Taiwan public opinion is quite optimistic. The authorities denied the "bets" the president of the United States presidential election results, the Cai Yingwen administration was immediately questioned over "playing" Hilary. KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu said the evening of 10, Cai Yingwen very sorry too early now betting, everything should be again, but what effect is not clear, and engage in cross-strait relations is so poor, so people suffer worry. United News Network 10, said a "diplomatic" officials, the Cai Yingwen administration is to now do not know what the Trump team central figure, do not know who is the diplomatic advisor; and Taiwan and the United States parties have contact, but Trump is not a traditional republican. 9 evening, Cai Yingwen held a "national security summit", make three instructions: to maintain the stock currencies and other financial situation of the United States; the same trade policy, continue to strengthen and promote; "diplomacy" continued to maintain close contact with the new Trump administration team. 10, "Premier" all instructions authorities of each unit, and the United States both the interaction and cooperation will not change the election results, will continue to push the two sides through consultations and eventually signed a free trade agreement. Authorities strongly denied the wrong treasure". Foreign Minister Li Dawei said 10 weeks ago, Trump had the camp "very important consultant" to Taipei, he is a friend of more than 30 years and the important consultant, "foreign ministry" planning consultants to meet with Cai Yingwen. Li Dawei said, "the foreign ministry never bet, because of the beauty of the relationship is too important". The DPP "legislator" Huang Weizhe said, "chips also not from the hand, how to bet on the wrong", "Taiwan Guoan team" is sophisticated, wrong position before the election did not happen in Taiwan; as for Hilary, although she has emotional support, but the reality is the reality. According to the "United Evening News" reported, Li Dawei in "consultant" should be the Heritage Foundation’s founder of buddhism. A government source said that the Buddha is slow and diplomatic staff leader Trump Guoan, Trump’s campaign related policies are proposed by he founded the heritage foundation for planning. But other people questioned said that he served as assistant to the U.S. Congress Buddha, the main task of traditional fund is to raise money, did not dabble in national security, foreign affairs, the Ministry of foreign affairs to the Buddha for NE Trump (Trump) chief of staff, but people doubt the government and Trump communication channel is not smooth". "Free times" 10 days mentioned, Trump during the campaign only mention Taiwan once, he is referring to the local auto parts industry layoffs rally collapse in Michigan, Mexico, Taiwan, and South Korea named Chinese mainland and steal American jobs. United Evening News, 10, also referred to an episode: Cai Yingwen, please send a letter of congratulations to the Ministry of foreign affairs, Trump, the last department in the letter.相关的主题文章: