Sun Yaoqi replaced Yuan Shanshan to join the first grade to return to the campus by the test -stand by me shinee

Sun Yaoqi replaced Yuan Shanshan to join the first grade " "; to return to the campus by the test — entertainment channel — Hunan TV reality show "the first grade graduation season?" the upcoming October 22nd every Saturday evening broadcast this season, in addition to inviting Chen Jianbin gave the first variety show, Julian Cheung and his wife Anita Yuen, and loura several stars the teacher to join also greatly enhance the program expectations. The day before, this season has officially announced for counselors, because a live event to be friends to the extreme "black black girl" – actor Sun Yaoqi Yuan Shanshan will be taking over as the season of University counselor. "The first grade graduation season?" will take classes in students, competition mode and cross type teaching, a true record of the drama in the two star group of senior teachers under the leadership of the graduation season of life. The highlight of the PK mode, has not led to the program start to smell the thick smell of gunpowder, and the sun has been controversial Yaoqi to join the program adds a spectacle. "Sun Yaoqi’s in the first grade?" in the graduation season last season and people like Yuan Shanshan, the same as the University counselor. In addition to the same people, two people in the program before the experience is almost the same. That year, Yuan Shanshan for the film and television drama is not popular, by netizens and scold and black, even launched "Yuan Shanshan get out of the entertainment topic; and Sun Yaoqi had also because in a video broadcast in direct users to answer questions, accidentally revealed the former gossip friends Zhao Liying and Chen Xiao’s being friends mad black. Called" scheming". In the last season of the show, Yuan Shanshan on their own true performance, the success of the image from black to white, reversing the previous public impression. Therefore, taking over Yuan Shanshan in the season to continue to serve as the University Counselor Sun Yaoqi would like Yuan Shanshan staged counter attack, naturally become the audience most expect surprise. For the expectations of the outside world, Sun Yaoqi also admitted that he is under great pressure on the program, but the program before it has removed the "Star", "actor" label, to make their own adjustments to an ordinary university counselor should be. In order to be more close to the campus, Sun Yaoqi even before the program recording a month will be moved to the nearby Shanghai Theater Academy, you went to the campus around the observation of students and teachers state. Then the "black girl" whether Sun Yaoqi like Yuan Shanshan through the program successful counter attack? By the netizen "all black" and her true side is what? This season’s first grade graduation season will restore the most authentic Sun Yaoqi. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: