Sun Yaoqi previews the first grade clothing clothing pants popular (video) 魔界骑士イングリッド

Sun Yaoqi clothing "previews the first grade clothing pants" popular entertainment "Tencent" after the first grade graduation season has aired 4, although the "worry sister counselor Sun Yaoqi still much of the lens, but it didn’t stop her every time an impressive debut. Especially many viewers watched the show on Sun Yaoqi’s pants style obsession, many netizens exclaimed: "Sun Yaoqi is playing in the leg!" In fact, a lot of people have been fooled by a baby face Sun Yaoqi, did not expect her to have the height of 172cm. But she did not expect that, as early as 2004, won the new model contest professional group Changsha division first, Hunan province and the top ten best photogenic award and other awards. Have a professional awards, Sun Yaoqi’s body is the natural golden ratio, a pair of long legs guards not only become worthy of the name "leg", handle short legged star who dare to try the pants style, is also handy. In order to answer questions about the Internet users to wear the ride, Sun Yaoqi in the latest issue of the first year counselor Zhou Ji, released a service to share experience. To himself in the four phase of the program has been broadcast in the form as a template, share how to rely on wear trousers with shoes to improve waist leg lengthening visual length; through the irregular cut trousers to reflect the personality; how to make use of a wide leg pants wear dress fan etc.. It seems that Sun Yaoqi in the entertainment circle "leg" at the end of the year, with a pair of legs and good clothing products successfully suction eye. It also makes people can not help but look forward to her after the first year of the more wonderful clothes. Chen Jianbin exposes college love "awfully" Sun Yaoqi said he is not love hype actress相关的主题文章: