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Subway passengers through security million bag missing card is not stolen is a family of five arrived in WuHan Railway Station, ready to take the subway, did not expect the security, the value of million bags even inexplicable disappeared, retrieval of surveillance found that original bags should be walked along. 8 minutes later, the police track in Renhe Road subway station will find. 25, 13:25, Rail Branch Golden Port police station WuHan Railway Station police police Hu Siping and Chen Fei on patrol, heard a woman crying out loud, " who took my bag ". Two people came to the security side of the machine, I saw a family of five people stood aside, a woman in the back and forth looking for screening machine. Originally, Mr. Li, a family of five from Henan to Wuhan to visit relatives, 2 minutes before the security, Mr. Lee to take the blue chest pack, found the bag inexplicably disappeared. " there are 1500 yuan in cash, the apple 6S mobile phone and millet 2S, as well as hukou and license like " and Mr. Li for a time in the screening machine inside and outside, simply can not find, anxious to cry. To understand the situation, analysis of Hu Siping and Chen Fei is likely to be wrong. The two division, with Hu Siping Lee to find the car, just to get on the train when the doors are closed. Chen Fei watch the video, a man wearing a blue shirt with a bag, bag hung a blue bag, look carefully, this is Mr. Li’s blue chest bag. Lock man after Chen Fei, when about men photos and train station, sent to all staff, let them find the car. At 13:33, the news from the Renhe Rord Station police Wang Yao, she found a man in the subway. See the police, the man found himself very surprised, this bag hanging on someone else’s bag, after verification, the package items are in, when he will package over to the police. See the beloved bag so quickly find, Mr. Lee one family thanks again and again. Police remind, recently the national day, more family travel and other travel passengers and their luggage to remind passengers to pay more attention to security. Please check with the subway security port: Passenger refuses security people threw water

乘客地铁过安检万元包不见 不是被卡也不是被偷一家五口抵达武汉站后,准备乘坐地铁,没想到安检时,价值万元的包包竟然莫名不见了,调取监控发现,原来包包竟然被人顺走了。8 分钟后,轨道警方在仁和路地铁站将包找到。25 日13时25分,轨道分局黄金口派出所武汉站警务室民警胡四平和陈飞在巡逻时,听到一名女子大声哭泣," 谁拿走了我的包包 "。两人来到安检机旁,只见一家五口人愣在一旁,一名婆婆来回在安检机寻找。原来,李先生一家五口从河南来武汉探亲,2分钟前过的安检,李先生拿蓝色胸包时,竟发现包包莫名不见了。" 里面有1500元现金,苹果6S手机和小米2S一部,还有户口本和驾照之类的 ",李先生在安检机内外找了个遍,硬是没找到,急的大哭起来。了解情况后,胡四平和陈飞分析很可能是被别人拿错了。两人分工,胡四平带着李先生去车上找,刚要上车时,列车的门却关了。陈飞则调看视频发现,一名身穿蓝色上衣的男子拿了一个包,包下还挂着一个蓝色小包,仔细一看,这不就是李先生的蓝色胸包么。锁定了男子后,陈飞当即将男子照片及列车车次,发到各站人员,让他们上车寻找。13 时 33 分,仁和路站协警王瑶传来消息,她在地铁内找到男子。看到协警,男子十分诧异,这才发现自己包上挂着别人的包,经核实,包内物品都在,他当即将包交给协警。看到心爱的包包这么快找到,李先生一家人连连道谢。民警提醒,近日国庆,探亲旅游等出行乘客较多,提醒乘客安检时多留意自己的行李。 地铁安检口 请配合检查:乘客拒绝安检 拿水泼人相关的主题文章: