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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Daughter of famed Beatles legend Paul McCartney, Stella McCartney was born in 1971 and has followed a passionate career in fashion design since 1997, when she was appointed Creative Director at Chloe, a fashion house in Paris. She left the company in 2001 in order to join a venture with Gucci. She finally entered into the world of fragrance when she expanded her line to include perfumes in 2005, following a joint venture with Adidas in 2004 in which she created a line of sports performance wear for women. The signature fragrance in the Stella McCartney perfume line is Stella. The heady scent of this perfume is reminiscent of a rose in full bloom, with an added depth created by a base of amber. Elegant and subtle, this fragrance is perfect for romantic interludes and is sold in an amethyst crystal bottle that heralds vintage. Stella in Two adds another level to the Stella McCartney perfume line, with an interesting combination that leads to two distinct scents, adapted to create a fresh, romantic daytime aroma, as well as a darker, more sultry nighttime blend. One side of the flacon contains an amber based scent, creating the perfect evening wear, while the other contains an Oriental inspired floral scent of fresh peony and rose. Stella McCartney perfumes also include Stella Rose Absolute, which was launched in 2005. As its name would suggest, this fragrance is based on the essence of rose, with other floral overtones of peony and rose absolute. Also interlaced into this concoction are hints of mandarin and amber for a fuller, spicier, and more intense aroma. In 2009, Stella brought out Nude, an eau de toilette version of "Stella." Unfortunately this has caused some controversy as singer Bono’s wife, charity campaigner Ali Hewson, owns a company called Nude Skincare, and has objected to the use of the word "Nude." The matter will be settle in the trademark courts, but in the meantime, Stella has still been able to market this new fragrance pending the outcome. The line of Stella McCartney perfumes continues to expand, with a more complete offering to appeal to a greater target audience. Scents currently market toward young adult women and some more mature individuals, though they are versatile and can be attractive to any age group. With McCartney’s vast experience with a number of different styles of fashion, she is sure to be even more successful in creating a line of designer fragrances. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: