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Hardware The printers are reliable machine, but in spite of best efforts, sometimes they malfunction. There are multiple reasons responsible for malfunctioning hence; some .mon problems faced in printers are listed here: Toner does not fix to the page or smears While using the printer, one must check the fuser. If the fuser nearing the end, it must be replaced well in time. If the person is not aware about changing the fuser, must always read the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer to get a clear picture. Along with instruction manual, there is always a printers set up kit. One must make use of it whenever needed. Jamming of paper One of the .mon problems in the printer is the jamming of the paper. It is .mon in all types of printers whether it is Epson, Hp and with all other brands that are used. There are a number of reasons available for paper jam, which may include, selection of wrong paper tray, wrong type of paper selected, loose paper roller, torn paper bits and dust could be the most obvious reasons. Therefore, one must tighten the loose paper roller. Before, buying the paper, one must check its type and proper tray must be selected. In addition, the printer must be cleaned from time to time in order to avoid settling of the dirt and dust. Printer spooler service stops working This is also a .mon problem with the printers. In order to remove this problem, one must click the start button and then press the run button. In run, a dialog box will appear one must type services.msc (Without the quotes) and then hit enter the button. This will lead to a window service. Printer spooler will be on the right hand side; one must right click and then select Restart. When prompted, one must confirm the action followed by exiting the service window. Error message Usually an error message is due to the power supply problem. However, the problem occurs when the power cord is plugged into the power strip of the UPS. In order to remove this problem, one must plug the printer directly into an outlet for power. Printouts have spots and light in color This happens when either the ink cartridges clogged up or get dry. To solve this problem, one must remove the ink cartridges followed by dipping a soft cloth in hot water or alcohol and rub the cloth against the print head carefully. In addition, one must also rub the cloth under the nozzle of the printer. As this will soften the ink, as a result, the printer will work properly, and the ink cartridge must be put back. Window sends print jobs to a wrong printer This problem arises usually when the window selects the printer itself by default. If the person is using Windows 7, one must click the start button and then to devices and printers. A list of various printers under the printers and faxes will appear. One must right click the desired printer and then click set as default printer. If it is prompted, then one must confirm the action and exit the window of devices and printers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: