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Slow employment issue in Chinese: freedom and money sloshing around the independent employment age is slow – usher in Beijing Chinese young people. After graduation, many young people choose to walk and sloshing — or travel, or is engaged in public welfare, or stay home, do not worry in employment. In the west, slow employment is a very common choice for young people, is vividly known as Gap Year (interval years). But in China, slow employment from the emergence of a variety of disputes. Some people think that after graduation is not a waste of time, some people think that slow employment is a manifestation of social progress. Inclusive and slow employment, the need to change the social system with the times. However, slow employment with preset class differences, the children of a poor family living more pressure, the poetic imagination behind the reality of skinny. In early 2015, my wife and I went to new zealand. We chose to rent a car to drive, so there is a chance to take the tourists on the road. At home, we really do not dare to carry strangers on the road, but in New Zealand, we tried two times, have harvested a good experience. Coincidentally, the two time we are all equipped with choice after graduation "gap year" of young people. The first on the train is a typical backpacker, 23 year old German boy, height close to 190 cm. He is a psychology, completed undergraduate studies, did not immediately read the master, but came to new zealand. Before we met him, he has been in New Zealand for more than two months, began to ride, then turn to foot, dozens of kilometers per day. New Zealand is the birthplace of many extreme outdoor sports, even in dense forests, rivers, there will be a lot of hiking signs. After we gave him a ride, we chose to walk with him. But soon, half the height of the thorns, the rapids of the knee and the altitude of the mountains, let me go. The young man has been full of interest, that we can not accompany him to finish the next journey, with our friendly farewell. Just over an hour, he was tall and strong body and calm friendly smile impressed us. Second of the guests are equipped with a Japanese girl, petite, sweet smile, very polite. Japanese girls are not so fluent in English, take the distance is relatively short, so we did not do too in-depth exchanges. We probably know, she came to New Zealand for almost a year, she had only two weeks to finish his "gap year". In the past year, while she was doing odd jobs while traveling. As the German boy, Japanese girl the whole trip doesn’t cost too much money, simple life and special hardship, a car ride, no car on foot, outsiders feel boring, but they can be as a pleasurable occupation. My wife and I are just the "middle class" of the city, not the elite of wealth, even so, we travel in the material requirements are much higher than the German boys and Japanese girls. In contrast, we travel in large than their ability. Like many of the middle class in China today, it is believed that to accumulate enough money to experience a truly comfortable travel, in order to gain freedom.相关的主题文章: