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Six characteristics of the wedding, so that your wedding is different – Sohu a romantic memorable wedding, the new life is the most precious memories. So people always want to use Kung Fu and mind planning is not the same character, a wedding out of the ordinary and open up a fresh outlook. So in the end how to do, in order to have a unique wedding? Hangzhou wedding planning, wedding wedding WeddingMEE honey, six big characteristics, let your wedding wedding out of the ordinary characteristic color although the color looks a lot, but for the colors of the wedding is not much. The wedding color selection generally depends on the new love color, and whether it has the sense of jubilation, which most people will choose relatively warm. Before the big red is a lot of new marriage choice, just as the relative access various Western elements, most people will tend to western style wedding, all kinds of yarn has gradually replaced the red Chinese wedding. A variety of yarn and the color of the mantle, it will create a variety of today’s wedding, so choose a favorite color, it will have their own style. The characteristics of the choice of the right theme many people now in order to be different, will choose a special theme to do, for example, some classical style, and some nostalgic style. It’s more fun and fun to do a special wedding as a star. Hangzhou wedding planning, wedding WeddingMEE honey advice is to let people remember their wedding, you can choose your own love story as a wedding theme, each couple’s story is not the same, so use your story as the theme, will make people feel very memorable. The characteristics of the romantic wedding venue hotel in recent years become the new pursuit of the boom, there are a lot of people will choose in the church, let you feel the deep religious feeling and Western Romantic grave. Also choose to hold a romantic wedding in the meadow grass, green lawn collocation on the beautiful white, very affectionate and romantic. If conditions permit, and friends and family to the beach wedding, the sea and the oath of mutual integration, there is no lack of a good choice. With the blessing of a friend with a blessing from time to time, we pay more attention to the blessing of friends, no matter how far apart, the heart together, it will cherish. Hangzhou wedding planner, WeddingMEE married honey proposed new, fingerprint tree can put a sign at the registration desk beside the wedding, to attend the wedding of a friend, leave your own name and fingerprint, and then draw into a friendship tree, hanging in her own home. Not only for the wedding ceremony, but also to commemorate the friendship of friends. The characteristics of the scene photography playful also is the wedding scene of the shooting, why some plain, some are full of delight. In fact, shooting in the wedding scene photographer and new cooperation is very important, and new friends can do a lot of funny or interesting action to let the photographer help you capture, and then record the time no matter what time to look back, think of the joy of the game, will be unforgettable.相关的主题文章: