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Shanghai panda twins baby full moon growth indicators in good condition rare twins baby panda yesterday full moon month growth indicators in good condition "peanut" pandas have a sister and brother. China giant panda protection and Research Center in Shanghai base yesterday re transmission of news, following the July 9th ushered in the first panda baby "peanut", panda youyou in October 4th successfully gave birth to twins baby, now the growth index is good. Experts said that the panda twins are rare, twins are rare. Yesterday is the "twins" baby full moon day, the reporter saw at the Shanghai zoo, when staff while the mother panda "wash", and the two will hold into the nursery. This is the first public appearance, but also the first time they have the same box, living in a crib. The eyes and ears of the siblings to the site have been long hair, eyes have "panda eyes", chubby body from time to time, writhing, naive. The staff told reporters, Dabao birth weight 131.5 grams, 13.6 centimeters long, now the weight has increased to 1350 grams; two treasure birth weight of 113.2 grams, 12.8 centimeters long, weighs more than 1168 grams. The growth indicators are in good condition. It is understood that 16:30 on October 4th, panda youyou first baby in the labour room after the successful delivery, immediately leaned over to my arms, beginning the process of natural feeding. However, after ten minutes, youyou also gave birth to a cub, but the cubs had just given birth to be careless with the only choice previously born a nurturing. The staff explained that if the child is in the wild panda twins, a panda mom usually ignored or rejected is weak, choose a strong one for feeding, this is their reproductive strategy, it can guarantee the survival rate of certain. In order to ensure the survival of two baby pandas at the same time, the staff will be the first time the two treasure hold out artificial feeding, 24 hours monitoring and nursing care of, after 10 days of feeding, two treasure is in a stable state. During the period, the staff will be carried out on the two cubs, two treasure by youyou Dabao out feeding, artificial feeding. At present, both brothers and sisters are breastfeeding, by hand for 24 hours to monitor, observe, record their behavior to ensure their health.相关的主题文章: