Samsung w2017 high-end machine overall exposure is said to be the target of the nouveau riche jinshen

Samsung W2017 high-end machine overall exposure is said to be a small target we thought Galaxy S nouveau riche Note series is the most expensive Samsung mobile phone? We don’t think so, and Nouveau riche. Samsung a year will be launched in collaboration with telecom W series of high-end custom machine, designed for business users, each with a price up to million yuan. Samsung W2017 this year, some time ago has passed the U.S. FCC certification, and now, this phone has also been certified by the Ministry of industry, unfortunately, the aircraft has not been released according to the document. Friends broke the Samsung W2017 real machine photos but according to previous users @ Meng audio-visual broke, we probably know something about the appearance of the machine. From the outside, and in the W series, which is a dual screen clamshell mobile phone, thick business atmosphere. It is gratifying that the Ministry website has shown the Samsung W2017 configuration list, and before the news broke the news this year is basically the same, W2017 has the flagship machine configuration. According to the Ministry of industry configuration from the Ministry given configuration photos, we can see that the mobile phone body specifications for 127.8× 61.4× 15.8mm, is still a dual screen clamshell design inside and outside, all with a 4.2 inches 1920× resolution AMOLED screen; 1080, in addition, the display of the four core CPU clocked at 2.15GHz, no this is the standard version of the accident, Xiaolong 820, running memory 4GB, note that the picture display body memory 64MB, should be the actual display error may be 64GB. According to the Ministry of industry configuration in addition, camera is used before and after the 5 million +1200 megapixel dual camera combination, at present so prevailing circumstances, such a high-end products have a dual camera regret, but this camera is Samsung S7 S7 edge and the king of the same paragraph (if so than now double stage photo, the photo of the cow) believe the effect is the same and the Samsung S7 good. The battery capacity of the machine is 2300mAH, running Android 6 system, because it is a custom Telecom machine, so only supports GSM, CDMA1X, CDMA 2000, TD-LTE and FDD-LTE standard. Friends broke the W2017 real machine according to currently known, this machine has blue and golden color, and the news will launch a rose gold color for women, if no accident, the aircraft is expected to be listed on the China next month, and after micro-blog users broke the news that the aircraft will be more than twenty thousand yuan, interested friends may wish to look at.相关的主题文章: