Samsung Note7 explosion door to performance Waterloo can return to its former glory unknown

Samsung Note7 explosion door to performance Waterloo can return to its former glory unknown "explosion door" caused by the performance of Waterloo Samsung will go? Newspaper reporter Tao Jin from Shanghai has been high hopes for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone destiny bumpy, it is rare in the technology industry. The aftermath of the explosion caused by the incident, but also in continuous fermentation. In October 27th, Samsung released the third quarter performance report, the Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone for security reasons to stop production and sales, Waterloo suffered Samsung three quarter results. The company’s third quarter results, the overall operating profit in nearly 7 trillion and 400 billion won a year ago, fell 30% to 5 trillion and 200 billion won, net profit fell 16.8% to 4 trillion and 540 billion won ($4 billion), revenue fell 7.5% to 47 trillion and 820 billion won. Previously, Galaxy Note 7 phone in the charging process of a fire accident, Samsung announced the permanent stop the production of this phone. Therefore, Samsung Electronics IT and mobile sector operating profit in the three quarter also suffered heavy losses, only 100 billion won, down from a year ago by 96%. Samsung official said, Note 7 catastrophic events, resulting in the mobile sector quarterly profit hit a record low in six years. However, due to the smart phone shipments remain stable, the situation is expected to improve with the launch of the new flagship phone. Optimistic about the company’s performance, perhaps just helpless, and Samsung Corp at the beginning, but also clearly underestimated the negative impact of security incidents, as well as the severity of the situation. Samsung from the three quarter of this year to the first quarter of next year’s profit loss is expected to reach $5 billion 300 million, this is only the digital Samsung gives the financial loss, and to it a corporate image and internal confidence is immeasurable. In addition, Samsung also must face competitors from the "looting", either Apple or HUAWEI, millet and other domestic brands are hoping to seize the share of samsung. The latest report from Trendforce, a research firm, shows that in the third quarter, Samsung produced about 78 million smartphones, still ranked first. However, in China’s domestic market share, Samsung has less than 10%, far behind apple and HUAWEI. Senior TMT commentator Wang Ruchen believes that Samsung repair brand image and trust cycle, it takes a long time. It gives the user an "unsafe" impression, it will gradually radiate to other product lines. According to Bloomberg, Samsung mobile staff bonuses this year is likely to be canceled, some executives directly responsible for the matter may lose the job, including Samsung mobile business person in charge of high Dongzhen. At the same time, Samsung is organizing legal resources to deal with the United States, South Korea consumers filed a lawsuit against Samsung electronics. Samsung Chinese stakeholders in an interview with the twenty-first Century economic news reporter interviewed the above news is not true given reply. On the same day earnings announcement相关的主题文章: