Samsung is suspected of providing funds to Cui company-nlite

Samsung allegedly offered money to Cui Shunshi company raided South Korean President Park Geun hye 8 morning and speaker of Parliament Ding Shijun held a meeting to discuss the "bestie door" incident. Pu Jinhui said that if Congress recommended the new prime minister, she will appoint him as prime minister and "take charge of" the cabinet. South Korean media interpretation, which means that the park Geun hye retract a new prime minister nominated. On the same day, the prosecution raided the headquarters of Samsung Electronics Company to investigate the relationship between the company and the "girlfriends gate" incident. According to the prosecution argument, the company is suspected of providing 2 million 800 thousand euros (about 20 million 940 thousand yuan) of funds to Pu Jinhui’s girlfriend Cui Cui’s company, to support its female practice equestrian. Park Geun hye went to Parliament for 13 minutes to meet briefly with President Pu Jinhui, arrived at the congress hall at 10:27 on 8, and started talks with Ding Shijun, the speaker of Parliament, at 10:30. Chong Wa Dae said before the talks, the two people will discuss the new prime minister nomination, "girlfriends gate" event and a series of topics, but the talks lasted only 13 minutes. Pu Jinhui said to Ding Shijun in the meeting: "I came to see the speaker because I had the responsibility to make national affairs back to normal." She said that if Congress recommended the new prime minister, she is willing to appoint the new prime minister by the new prime minister, the cabinet to govern. The interpretation of Park Geun hye means that she has withdrawn the previous nomination of the new prime minister. Park at the end of October presidential reorganization after 2 days this month, President Roh Moo-hyun nominated staff for the new prime minister Bingzhun gold. Chong Wa Dae, the president’s office, declared that Pu Jinhui would then take the "second line" and assume more administrative responsibilities. However, the plan was strongly opposed by the opposition camp. Samsung Group in the first eight years of the raided Park Geun hye met with Ding Shijun on the same day, South Korean prosecutors "bestie" on Samsung raids. Investigators entered the Samsung Electronics Company at the headquarters of southern Seoul around 6:40 a.m., 8, collecting information about the "girlfriends gate" event. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. belongs to SamSung group, the largest multinational enterprise group in Korea. It is also the first time that SamSung company has been raided by a subsidiary company for the first time in 8 years. According to the prosecution’s view, Samsung Electronics suspected of "consulting fees" in the name of Cui Shunshi’s German companies to provide 2 million 800 thousand euros of funds to support their female learning equestrian. In addition, the Korean Equestrian Association has also been suspected of helping Cui’s daughter go through the back door". Cui Shunshi was accused of setting up two non-profit foundations, and used the relationship with Park Geun hye to encourage many large enterprises to give generously". According to the Korean media, many well-known enterprises, including Samsung, Hyundai, and other donations to the two foundations, amounting to about 80 billion won (about 470 million yuan). Xinhua news agency, special feature

三星涉嫌向崔顺实公司提供资金遭搜查韩国总统朴槿惠8日上午与国会议长丁世均举行会晤,就“闺蜜门”等事件进行讨论。朴槿惠表示,如果国会方面推荐新总理人选,她将任命其为总理并“执掌”内阁。韩国媒体解读,这意味着朴槿惠撤回了先前的新总理提名。同日,检方对三星电子公司总部进行突击搜查,就该公司与“闺蜜门”事件的联系展开调查。根据检方说法,该公司涉嫌向朴槿惠闺蜜崔顺实的公司提供280万欧元(约合2094万元人民币)资金,资助其女练习马术。朴槿惠前往国会 13分钟短暂会晤议长朴槿惠8日10时27分抵达国会大厅,10时30分准时与国会议长丁世均开始会谈。青瓦台方面在会谈前表示,两人将就新总理提名、“闺蜜门”事件等一系列话题展开讨论,但会谈仅持续了13分钟。朴槿惠在会谈中对丁世均说:“我来见议长是因为我有责任使国家事务恢复正常。”她表示,如果国会方面推荐新总理人选,她愿意任命其为新总理,由新总理统辖内阁工作。韩联社解读,朴槿惠上述表态意味着她已撤回先前的新总理提名。朴槿惠10月底改组总统府后,本月2日提名卢武铉总统时期幕僚金秉准为新总理人选。总统府青瓦台当时对外宣称,朴槿惠随后将“退居二线”,由金秉准承担更多行政职责。不过,这一方案遭到在野党阵营强烈反对。三星集团八年来首遭搜查朴槿惠与丁世均会晤当天,韩国检方就“闺蜜门”对三星电子公司进行突击搜查。调查人员8日上午6时40分左右进入三星电子公司位于首尔南部的总部,搜集有关“闺蜜门”事件的资料。三星电子公司隶属于韩国最大跨国企业集团三星集团,这也是三星集团8年来首次有子公司总部遭检方搜查。根据检方说法,三星电子公司涉嫌以“咨询费”名义,向崔顺实设在德国的公司提供280万欧元资金,资助其女学习马术。此外,韩国马术协会也被怀疑帮崔顺实之女“走后门”。崔顺实被指成立两家非营利性质的基金会,并利用与朴槿惠的关系促使多家大企业“慷慨解囊”。根据韩国媒体的说法,包括三星、现代等在内的多家知名企业向上述两家基金会捐款,总额达约800亿韩元(约合4.7亿元人民币)。新华社专特稿相关的主题文章: