Samsung Electronics battery supplier Note 7 Chinese battery explosion unrelated winsockfix

Samsung battery supplier: Note 7 China explosion and battery independent Amperex Technology Limited Sina statement technology news Beijing time on September 19th evening news, Galaxy Note (Amperex Technology 7 battery supplier Amperex Technology Limited Limited) said on Monday that the independent Galaxy Note 7 intelligent mobile phone battery explosion and the problem occurred recently in Chinese. There are China users before the said himself in the Jingdong to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for the country’s coral blue version in use battery explosion combustion accident. The user said, when the accident occurred, mobile phone is not in use in the process of charging, and then suddenly black screen, body shake, mobile phone turned aside after the explosion. Amperex Technology Limited today said, after a joint investigation with Samsung found that this Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion and there is no direct relationship, "according to the sample on the burning, we speculate that the heat source comes from the cell body, there may be other factors causing great external heating problem." In this regard, Samsung spokesman cited the Amperex Technology Limited statement, did not comment further. Today, there are reports that, following the first case of coral blue version of Galaxy Note 7 in China after the explosion, there is a line of gold version of the Note 7 explosion. (Li Ming)相关的主题文章: