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Self-Improvement ‘FREE YOUR SOUL’ REVERSE CONDITIONED BELIEFS AND RAISE SOUL-ESTEEM"" With Dr. Pamela Zimmer, Ph.D. "VICTIM MENTALITY" Hello and Welcome I’m Dr. Pamela with the ‘Free Your Soul’ Community where we reverse conditioned beliefs and raise Soul-esteem"". In this article, we are going to reverse a conditioned belief which is pervasive throughout the planet and is an illusion perpetrated upon women, and that is victim mentality. Now, I’m sure you’ve all known somebody who engages in this pattern. Perhaps you, yourself, have. I know I have at some points in my life. It is when you kind of feel that everything and everyone else is to blame for what goes wrong in your life. Let me make a quick distinction between ‘victim mentality’ and being a victim or being victimized. One is victimized when you are subjected to some form of abuse, such as in your childhood, if your parents abused you physically or emotionally, or if you were subjected to some kind of crime committed upon you. You were then victimized in those situations – one was an ongoing event and one was singular. I’m talking about what we do emotionally and mentally in the aftermath of such an experience. So if you find yourself engaging in a pattern where you feel like the underdog, or if you approach experiences with a ‘doom and gloom’ attitude and do tend to blame others easily for things that go wrong for you, then no doubt, you are engaging in a pattern of victim mentality. Now, what can you do about it? You can face it, you can embrace it, and you can replace it. Yes. You face it by acknowledging that you are indeed engaging in such a pattern of victim mentality. You embrace it by accepting yourself where you are at, but now you have an understanding of the origin of this pattern in your life. And you replace it by changing the questions you ask yourself and the Universe. So, instead of asking, Why me? What did I do to deserve this? Why are you doing this to me? You now ask, How am I co-creating this experience in my life? What can I learn from this to better my life? What can I do differently to change what I am now receiving? Now, here’s where the magic begins! Because as soon as you start asking these new questions, before you even get the answers, you have begun to walk the path of empowerment. Yes, as soon as you begin to take responsibility for any area of your life, you start to be operating from a place of empowerment within yourself, and this actually begins to raise your Soul-esteem"". So I welcome you to come back to our next session where we will reverse yet another conditioned belief that is an illusion perpetrated upon women. And in the meantime, I ask you to join the ‘Free Your Soul’ Communitywhere we work to free your mind, free your heart, and free your soul by reversing conditioned beliefs and raising Soul-esteem. It’s going to be a fantastic journey! Namaste! About the Author: – Dr. Pamela Zimmer a Psychospiritual Therapist with a Ph.D in psychology & Metaphysics has created the Free Your Soul Community where you Reverse Conditioned Beliefs & Raise Your Soul Esteem. In the Free Your Soul Community Dr. Pamela provides free video lessons in reversing these modern and ancient conditioned beliefs so you can raise your Soul Esteem! Come join Dr. Pamela & the other members of the Free Your Soul Community! Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Self-Improvement 相关的主题文章: