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Represent the general trend or bubble six? The pocket of UAV collective off technology of Sohu intellectual stuff (public No.: zhidxcom) the | April introduction: after the Mid Autumn Festival, autumn is getting stronger. From eight to October in the autumn season, it is an important node of UAV manufacturers the new year. In the new wave of push this year, more compact "pocket UAV" trend is obvious, and the price compared to the same period last year are increasing; the direction of UAV entrepreneurs seems to be discovered a new continent, but the game player has to make this a stampede in another piece of entrepreneurial blood sea, and without a market test. "Pocket drone" usually refers to the small size, usually with folding structure, can be easily incorporated into the backpack, drones and even pockets, and have certain mainstream aerial ability. In fact, the pocket UAV is not entirely new category. As early as 2013, Shantou District of Chenghai toy manufacturers had pushed out of similar products. In the past few years, located in the aerial UAV manufacturers with intelligent function advantage, but rarely try this kind of product. One, a time, but not in the past, but this year, UAV manufacturers invariably invariably Mini as the main push products. According to the wisdom that incomplete statistics, has been pushed and plans to launch the "pocket UAV manufacturers this year have seven, including Xinjiang, howsen, zero, zero charge and the Shenzhen Tencent and other mainstream manufacturers, there are 00 infinite space, Manta, brilliant entrepreneurial brand etc.. 1) zero infohold zero charges in May this year, DOBBY was first released in Guiyang "fair", the pack size is 135 * 67 * 36.8mm, folding structure, weight 199G, 970mAh battery provides about 7 minutes of flight. Equipped with 801 Xiaolong chip solutions. Provide GPS GLONASS satellite navigation, optical flow camera + laser indoor positioning program, built-in 13 million pixel camera, lens field of view of 75 degrees. According to official data, adjust the camera angle in the range of 22.5° to 90°. However, according to a media evaluation shows that DOBBY can not control the lens angle by cell phone. The price of 2399 yuan, the official delivery in early July. 2) Manta S6 in August this year, Shenzhen UAV start-up Manta launched S6 in Beijing, the pack size is 138*79*26.8mm, folding structure, weight 230g, 1400mAh battery provides about 9 minutes of flight. Price of 2199 yuan, the product shipped by the end of September. Provide GPS GLONASS dual satellite navigation, optical flow camera + infrared indoor positioning program, built-in 13 million pixel camera, camera field of view is 117 degrees. YUNEEC Breeze (3) howsen Qingfeng) in September this year, howsen launched Breeze in Suzhou (the), the machine body size is 196*196*65mm, the machine arm can not be folded, wheelbase 240mm, weight 385g, 1150mAh battery.相关的主题文章: