Recycling Used Cell Phones Is The Need Of

Mobile-Cell-Phone Recycling is one of the most important requirements of our times as the post consumer waste of the world increases by the hour every hour. It is logical, simple and very easy process if we once get a hang of it.. Innumerable environmentalists all over the world are motivating people to save the planet by not carelessly throwing away their used products especially electronic gadgets such as used cell phones or .puters. Instead there the world wide programs which are run by environment evangelists which enthuse people to recycle their used products. In a long queue of electronic gadgets – cell phones are the latest that demand special disposal programs to be properly organized. But unfortunately the appropriate actions are rarely taken. When cell phones are thrown like other regular waste they end up in our local landfills. These old cell phones consist of such metals and particles that will not ever break down and that only be.e hazardous to the environment over time. As these used cell phones begin to be dismantlingd, they emit high levels of poisonous gas, a main factor which results in climate change. Every year millions of cell phones are just thrown away like this because they are old and untrendy. It is found that, on an average, in USA mobile phone users replace their old phones with new ones every 1.5 years. According to a survey it is estimated that on an average all over the world, there are now approximately 10 billion cell phones which have been stashed away in drawers and lockers, and totally forgotten by their owners. Every year people dispose off and replace at least 100 million used cell phones but unfortunately only less than 20 percent of these are recycled or even sent back to manufacturers. Consequently, the earth suffers from the inevitable land decay by toxic materials present in the .ponents of the handset. These particles will eventually break down or leak, exposing the air, water and land to hazardous chemicals that disturb the fine equilibrium of the Mother Nature. Another thing of interest is that the average life span of a cell phone is less than 3 years. A survey was conducted by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and it was found that there are more than 260 million mobile phones in use in the United States alone Out of this approximately 65% are replaced each year and further out of this only 10% is recycled. According to a survey, e-waste has the highest growth rate of municipal waste in the United States. Recycling used cell phones ensures that less time, money and energy need to be released for the mining of the various minerals and other valuable metals which are consumed during the manufacturing process for the production of new cell phones. Since the statistics show a very poor account of the quantum of cell phones recycled every year, an initiative should be taken up to give a boost to the effort in this direction. Recycling will in turn help us innovate on socially and economically productive and beneficial uses like low in.e housing, more organic farming or renewable energy power supplies. Recycling our used cell phones will help the ecosystem by saving more energy through the reutilization of the valuable precious metals which remain within the cell phone after it has been thrown away rather than dumping them in the landfills. Cell phones, tablets, .puters and PDAs consist of valuable metals, copper, and plastics-all of which require energy to be mined and manufactured. Recycling preserve these materials so they can be turned into new products. It has be.e the need of the hour that people should be aware about the importance of the recycling of their old mobile phones. Moreover nowadays this is not a difficult task as well. There are many recycling .panies in the market who collects your Used Cell Phones your home and recycle it and guess what! They even pay you for it. We can conclude that recycling our used electronic gadgets is essential for maintaining a healthy ecological balance of the earth. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: