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[reading] ant science "ant" – Sohu thousands on thousands of baby ant science read "by 1980" thousands on thousands of ants ants a wide expanse of mist-covered waters is really interesting, the small bearded head. The little ants have friendship, polite nod meet. The ant in order to walk the line. The ant is most proud of the winter came, there are savings. A catchy song pointed out several characteristics of ant: head tentacles, order, team spirit and work spirit. "Ant" the thousands on thousands of books except for a few of the songs and the theme, with paintings, pictures and words, let readers understand all aspects of understanding all aspects of ants and ants. I believe many people are interested in small ants, later found their baby is also interested in the ant. This curiosity passes from generation to generation. Remember in the movie "Alice in Wonderland: 2 in Wonderland" in the Mad Hatter’s family was a smaller version of the Red Queen placed in the photo frame, finally through the sand out of shape for a moment, I thought of the ant like action. The kids often go out of line in the soft land, but do not know their expression is what mean? Author Delphine, Gao, French, third Paris University, doctor of modern literature. Over the years dedicated to the writing and editing of popular science books and stories. The author of "the Frog Prince" "world" "Christmas casserole still far away? And so on. Who painted Roland? Karuige, French, 1979 born in Paris, childhood love painting. After studying for three years in Strasbourg, Academy of Fine Arts, he returned to Paris and began to work on the creation of books for young people. He has a book about holes, "if I were president! "Pirate ship" and so on. Painter Roland? Karuige style go is not adorable, but realistic style, the whole picture color is not dazzling natural earth color. People do not love science class only to see the lovely picture, but can not see what animal style. Rowland? Karuige with hand-painted exaggerated display parts of the body, such as ants: eyes, antennae and belly, with pictures of actual details highlight the ants on the key parts, especially the naked eye is not easy to see some. Black and white map as easy to identify signs of ant type, such as: workers, soldiers, with simple language expression differences between them, to help readers identify different types of ants. The original small head small chest, abdomen is a small head, is a soldier. Have wings, eyes, antennae are straight males. The chest, abdomen is queen. Author Delphine? Up to a long-term commitment to the creation of popular science books, especially good at using the simplest type of graphic form to teach readers to distinguish between ants, concise and clear. Don’t know, the little ants are not negative the thousands on thousands of adjectives, not only the population quantity, they are different not only not of every hue, shape, build nests is thousand times ten thousand, different kinds of ants with nirvana.相关的主题文章: