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Raise the public list of | overseas to raise the public, you need to know the "30% law" – Sohu technology Mr. Geek for you every day to select the most important information to raise the public to use big data to tell you at home and abroad to raise public market amidst the winds of change list details today is Monday, and to check a week time list. The past week is almost in the Jingdong to raise the public through with Taobao chips in the race each other. Although the two platform between the strength of nanfenbozhong, but at the last minute, or Jingdong to raise a step ahead, the perfect ending to million dollars, won the championship week. Taobao to raise the public with a small gap lost, and ultimately to the amount of funds into the million ranked runner up. Although a few days ago, Suning has been raised hot trend, but not in endurance Indiegogo. Indiegogo and Suning raised respectively by Vanward million results ranked fourth and third. Four platforms this week, the amount of money to introduce a breakthrough million. Industry comparison from the entire industry, nearly a week is still the most popular "digital" and the surrounding, net million; followed by "intelligent travel", "net million; there is still a gap between Home Furnishing and security" and the first two, to the amount of net million in third. It is worth mentioning that the regulars this week "industry category on the list of UAV" finally missed the first three. "UAV" category can be said that this week the whole congregation raised the industry one explosion point, we can see the category both in popularity, the number of items or the cumulative amount is relatively backward, but won the million total fund net, can in a week in fourth, remarkable explosive force. Geek Jun small classroom all the chips in 30% with Indiegogo statistics, most of the project to obtain the first 30% funds from the sponsors of the core social circle (i.e. existing supporters, family, friends etc.). According to the 30% law, first calculate how much money your core social circle can contribute to the project, with the amount divided by 30% will be able to calculate the total financing of the project can be obtained. The target has considerable reference value, because most fans will only raise public concern on the percentage of the progress bar, if the target was too high, it is difficult to raise the target in the early 30%, the project will produce unfavorable, will make fans lose confidence and a sense of security for the project. For more details about our visit: micro-blog: @ geek horizon V concern micro signal: Geekview our public concern QQ our number: geek horizon相关的主题文章: