Qiao Renliang issued a statement suffering from depression last year, has improved (video) restorator

Qiao Renliang issued a statement: last year, suffering from depression, has improved Qiao Renliang Qiao Renliang partner Tencent issued a statement (the entertainment news Zhao Zhenzong) the evening of 16 September, the sudden death of actor Qiao Renliang, caused no small vibration. In the sad and sad, rumors and speculation about the reasons for his death began to spread out in the social platform. Today (September 17th) afternoon, Qiao Renliang brokerage company exclusive entertainment through the Tencent issued a statement confirmed this sad news, also revealed that the real reason for the death of Qiao Renliang depression Dutch act. In addition, the broker is currently in Shanghai left miss Qiao Renliang accompanied by parents to handle the funeral, also said in an interview, the outside rumors not true. "Others are really good, we would like to return him a innocence, there is absolutely no bad things, no rumors of those things. There is no wrong sexual orientation, not playing with those things." In addition, the rumors involved before the director Wang Ziyuan also said in an interview today that he did not know Qiao Renliang, but also said he also retained the right to maintain the reputation of the law. Brokers: had sent a text message will be alive from the Tencent commissioned by Qiao Renliang entertainment released a statement can be seen, as early as last year, Qiao Renliang suffered from severe depression. In particular, there are several stages of last year, some rumors and slander, causing great distress to him, exacerbated the condition." Miss left in an interview also confirms this statement. But as she said, a recent period of time, with Qiao Renliang to slow down, fitness, therapist treatment, and adjust their mood, we all thought that his condition has been alleviated. "We all feel that he is recovering, he has come back, we are all very happy, and some time ago really feel the hope." He even took the initiative to broker sent a message that he would live well, and strive to recover. The bad news is just finally came back. It is understood that Qiao Renliang is the only child in the family, but because of strong self-esteem, and later suffering from depression and did not inform the family. Suddenly received news of his son’s death, but also a great blow to Qiao Renliang’s parents. "Papa Joe and Joe mother are very sad now." In Shanghai accompanied by handling the funeral left said miss. With the wide spread rumors last night, the Qiao Renliang family and friends we see those gossip "one disaster after another, particularly hateful, others are really good, we would like to have one of his innocence, is definitely not a good thing, not those things rumors, not to play with them, I would like to also he was an innocent." Miss left in an interview with the media. Director: Wang Ziyuan and Qiao Renliang did not know previously rumors involved director Wang Ziyuan today accepted an interview with the media, according to him, he and Qiao Renliang be strangers to each other. On the night of the incident, Wang Ziyuan had posted on micro-blog expression. This attracted many netizens accused. In this regard, Wang Ziyuan also said that the release of the expression because he did not know why the sudden spread of the matter. In addition, there are users suspected director Wang Ziyuan by the hype of their own film, and Wang Ziyuan responded that he directed the film has been offline相关的主题文章: