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.puters-and-Technology With Windows 7 the taskbar is given more than just a facelift. Microsoft rebuilt it in a new way and makes it better and faster than ever before. With .puter support you can check out how the taskbar will change or simplify your way of work on the desktop. With Windows 7 taskbar you can reduce the clutter of your desktop and can get your things done faster than ever before. Before Windows 7 , when you used to work on your desktop sometimes you have had numerous sites open and you consistently got dazed and confused by the continuous flow of rectangular sites which were open before your eyes just like the deck of cards speckled on a haphazard table. You did not seem to know which site to look for and where to work for? But with Windows 7 Aero Peek now you can review all the open windows and the current site also. There is a taskbar button pointing to which you can see the window thumbnail preview and if you want to see the full screen version you can point your mouse on the thumbnail to watch the site properly. Then if you think you want to go back to the site you were viewing you can click on the thumbnail and you will be back to the site. Sometimes you may feel like closing all the open window and Microsoft tech support has provided you with that facility with Aero Peek. With show desktop button on Windows 7 very quickly you can return to your desktop. You will find this rectangular button at the end of the taskbar. If you want to close all the sites you can point to the button of show desktop and you can have a speedy view of the desktop as all the open sites will be transparent to make the desktop viewable. If you want the windows to return just move the mouse away from the button and you can see the windows. So, by clicking on the show desktop button you can minimize all the sites and by clicking again on it you can bring back the sites. With Windows 7 you can get your icons in order. Here you can rearrange the taskbar buttons in order only by clicking and dragging. In case of problems you can always refer to the Microsoft tech support guys. In other previous versions of the Windows you can pin a program only from the start button for accessing it easily and quickly. But with Windows 7 you can pin a program anywhere at the taskbar. So it will be easier for you to open a program with just one click. Another nice addition of Windows 7 is Jump Lists. These are the listed programs of songs, websites, and pictures etc which are grouped the way you open them. With this utility, you can open the files from the same taskbar button which you use to open the program. For viewing any program in the Jump Lists you need to right click on the button taskbar and drag it towards the desktop. Then you can click the item on the Jump List to open the program. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: