Pu Jinhui accepted the prosecution investigation stand for the history of Korean Constitutional 68 y freelander2

Pu Jinhui accepted the prosecution investigation stand for the history of Korean Constitutional 68 years only Beijing November Beijing – 4 Xinhua comprehensive report, South Korean President Park Geun hye on 4 morning local time held a press conference at Chong Wa Dae, is published on the national political cronies dry event speech, said it was willing to accept the special prosecutor investigation group. Yonhap said, according to the constitution of criminal prosecution enjoy special exemption from the president accepted the prosecution’s investigation into the history of the Korean Constitutional position, only 68 years. According to reports, this is park Geun hye after a lapse of 10 days, once again issued a national conversation, asking the people to forgive. "Cronies" interference in politics after the scandal, Pu Jinhui in October 25th in Chong Wa Dae published on the national conversation, and recognize the election as president was part of the information asked Cui Shunshi cronies opinions, on the matter and apologize to all the citizens. South Korean JTBC television exposure in October 24th president "cronies intervention" event, said South Korean President Cui Shunshi entrusted property disposal in trusted office computer, found more than and 200 papers including 44 copies of the speech, the president. Since then, South Korean prosecutors on the evening of 3 to arrest warrant arrested Cui Shunshi, will thoroughly investigate her crime. Pu Jinhui, 4, said: "it is all because of my fault, I feel very responsible." She said that the incident to bring their own people to trust the pain of hard to erase, he is also very sad. She apologized to the public for all the people, to carry forward the spirit of sacrifice and hard work of public officials, for the government to provide goodwill help entrepreneurs. Pu Jinhui said: I thought it would help the country’s economy and national life, but in the process of personal gain for others, in violation of the law, people regret and heartache." In addition, Pu Jinhui also said that the government will not interrupt the operation, communicate with government representatives frequently, and denied that he joined the cult". Pu Jinhui said that if the fault is conclusive, is willing to assume responsibility. According to the South Korean pollster Gallup Korea (Gallup) 4 survey results show that the support rate of the president fell to 5%, a record low of the previous president’s approval rate of. Gallup said South Korea, after the previous president of South Korea, the highest and lowest record of the president’s support in the period of the reign of Jin Yongsan. Jin Yongsan served as the first year of the second and the third quarter support rate as high as 83%, while the support rate fell to fifth in the fourth quarter of 6%. This time, Pu Jinhui support rate refresh record.相关的主题文章: