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Games Project management training is an essential process in current stage. As a project must be .pleted within a deadline, how it should be started, managed and ended plays an important role in all projects. The project methodology and project management tools must be understood to fulfill the project objectives efficiently. The training is significant to consider the technology and management within the project. How we handle the project within its life-cycle plays a big role in how well the project .es out and hence proper training is needed for project management. As an example, let’s look at a software development project. The project, of course, starts with a need for a certain piece of software. This provides the justification needed to begin. Next, the business analyst who is responsible for the relationship with that client will meet with them to determine what exactly they need. The analyst can then write up the requirements. Those can be tested using any of a number of requirements analysis software packages that are available. Once the requirements are finalized and properly documented, the next phase of project management can start. Good projects utilize their resources to the maximum as all resources are cost centers as well. Thus project management involves management of all these resources and normally uses time lines for managing these resources. Project managers often use project management template which are designed in worksheet software applications to meet the project’s goals. Therefore, hands-on training in worksheet processing software an essential part of project management training . Two way .unication is very critical to the success of a project . The feedback loop is intended to provide information regarding the status of a project to managers . The project may take more or less time to finish depending on it’s curent state . The importance of everyone involved in a project to be trained in .munication tools has never been more important than now . Mail software training is only a part of .munication . Being updated with the current status and accordingly planning for the future ultimately determines the success of a project . Projects also involve human capital. Resource allocation deals with allocation of resources capable of doing tasks in a logical manner in order that the project objectives are met. Training in project management must include sessions on human organizational behavior, costing and human resource management. Such training must also include sessions on quality, value engineering, and theory of constraints. These theories are not to be just read, but imbibed as a philosophy in every project. Therefore the training in project management must include tasks which involve application of the key take-aways from the sessions. In the recent times, some trainers have started using specially designed .puter games to illustrate the project management concepts. Such .puter games involve the learner to use project management technology and are focused in their approach to training project management concepts. The desired out.e of such game based training is quantifiable to a certain extent using course assessments. We can summarize that training should not only hover around the traditional project management philosophies but also involve the learner to perform tasks using the project management technology himself. About the Author: is essential. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: