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Travel-and-Leisure The very purpose of tourists to travel into Melbourne and then go on the trips to the Great Ocean Road is to relieve the exotic experience that nature has richly endowed in this South West part of Australia. Thousands of tourists plan their vacations in this part of Australia, due to the simple reason that they can have a wide array of natural and scenic sightseeing trips, which perhaps is not assorted in any other part of the world. Melbourne penguin parade tour is one of the most important trips that vacationers .ing into South West Australia get to avail. By doing so, they are able to experience the visuals of the tiny penguins stuttering their ways into the sand dunes along the beaches. Not only is the view magnificent but also rare as these little penguin species are not found in any other continent. To have the best fun watching the penguins in Phillip Island, visitors need to make a plan of a day at least as reaching there and watching them needs a bit of time. If starting from Melbourne, tourists can take the two hour drive along the Great Ocean Road, for a distance of 137 kms. Travelling through the beach towns of Dandenong, along the highway from San Remo to Newhaven, there lays the tiny island known as Phillip Island. Phillip island tours can be taken by personal cars, hired taxis or buses from Melbourne or any point in the Great Ocean Road. Phillip island penguin tour can also be planned by customization during the Melbourne to Adelaide tours or they can simply travel from any point of halt along the Great Ocean Road. Access to the penguin island is quite easy and the Great Ocean Road travel further makes it charming as tourists can view the forests of the Otaway National Park on the right and the long stretches of the beaches on the left, while going from Melbourne. With the target of Melbourne penguin parade tour in mind, the travel along the Great Ocean Road allows travelers to have a view of the Twelve Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, Apollo Bay, Kennett River and the township of Lorne. Then onwards, turning at San Remo, the beach of Summerlands is reached. It is in this Summerlands Beach that the Phillip Island penguin parade is possible to be visualized. Scene of the small penguins, .ing out of the water, gradually gathering at the shore and then walking all at once towards the sand dunes is a sight to behold. If the timing is perfect, which is around the time the sun goes down, visitors can have a .plete picture of the Philip Island penguin parade, making it the highlight of the Phillip Island tour. There are strategic points at which these sights can be seen with best visibility, which can be taken up beforehand. When .ing for the Phillip Island tours, it is therefore a must that tourists plan their trips in the most appropriate timing, so that the whole parade process is visible from the best location. Undoubtedly, the entire journey across the Great Ocean Road is an exciting experience, but the charm of Phillip Island penguin tour is the icing on the cake. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: