Personal Injury Made Justice By Jones Act Law-kasey chase

Living-Will As we go along with the journey of life we meet several and different forms of event. We reach different places met different faces, worked in different .pany under varied industry. There were different field when were going to talk about work, and it came in different industry too. Maritime Industry is one of the fast growing industry and indeed moving a big step, the demand for the productivity of the said industry was high, at the same time the demand for the workers. My father was one of the above mentioned workers which was a part of the maritime industry, he has been rendering his service in a maritime .pany, he seldom stayed at home and been working offshore for a couple of months. Knowing how risky the field he stepped into he was not threatened because it pays off with high earnings. You were aware that maritime industry pays high .pensation to its employee because of how risky the work was. There were situations that proves the risk it take to be came a part of the said industry. Due to the longer number of working hours the worker’s health may be affected and may lead to further health .plications, in addition lack of medical attention for working away for months may lead to health .plication too and often times the reason of personal injury during work. Few weeks ago when my father told us about the accident occurs to their other co-worker on the other barge, He said it was late at night when he do the routine engine checking and while doing it they’d heard a quick tick and it cause fire, the man suffers severe burn, the others came to rescue and brought the man to hospital. During those time the barge was settled in a dock for inspection. The man was lucky enough that they were not navigating offshore. He was now recovering but take time time to do so. These were the incident that one could not run away. It was 1920 when Jones Act Law or the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 was passed. It was passed by Senator Jones Wesley which aims to respond for the needs of the maritime workers. Jones Act law was the reason why today the maritime workers was certain that they will not end up into nothingness in the event that they met an accident of suffer an injury, the said law was their shield and protection. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: