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Business Textile has a pretty long history in China. We can trace its history back to the primitive time. But the textile industry began to take off in the 1870s to the middle of the 1890s. This is the real start of China’s textile industry. At that time, China was still a semi-colonial and semi-feudal society. The foreign invaders gobbled its resources greedily. Many Chinese pioneers were inspired by the advanced technology of the western world, especially the textile technology, so they decided to establish textile mills. One notable person named Chen Qiyuan established a Chinese textile mill, leading the first trend in Shanghai textile community. He can be entitled to the name of the national hero. There are some reasons why modern textile industry came into being. First of all, it was because there were many foreign silk and cloth pouring into China which made the traditional textile industry in China lost its appeal. Many Chinese became unemployed, forming a huge labor market. Secondly, the invading of the foreign silk and cloth made the authorities feel they were running our of money, and in order to maintain profitable the bureaucratic officials started to realize that only establishing their own textile mills can stop the external flow of money. Thirdly, the profits made by some foreign traders had a big appeal to the Chinese traders. They wanted to make money too. Those landlords, compradors, traders, and factory owners either counterfeited their textile machines or directly invested in buying the western textile factories. All these had led to the rise of the national textile industry. Through years of development, Chinas textile industry has gained enormous progress. After the founding of PRC, many factories have sprung up. One notable company is called MH Industry Co., Ltd, one of the biggest firms in China selling garment accessories in China. If you want to know more about it, you can go to Mh-chine.com. Recently, this firm has taken part in the 109th Canton Fair, which was pretty impressive. Although the progress is obvious, we could not become oblivious to some shortcomings existing nowadays. Ever since the opening and reform policy in the 1980s, the development of Chinas textile industry entered its peak era. They are leading the world in the production, equipment scale and the export. The gap between China and the developed world in the standard of scientific technology and the level of equipment is becoming smaller. Yet, problems of brutal economic growth, high consumption, low productivity, and low added value also exist. Their creativity and the reaction capability to the market remained to be enhanced. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: