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Exercise Dr. Luke:Hello. I’m Dr. Luke from Ottawa personal training centre reveluketion And I just want to share with you a really interest in e-mail I just received an e-mail simply said, Dr. Luke, how do I know that you’re a good trainer or boot camp specialist? And initially I got a little angry unlike have they not gone to reveluketion and see all the good work we’ve done. Then I stop and I put myself in her shoes. I’m like, Well. How does someone know that a trainer is good or a boot camp specialist is good? And I advise a 4 step plan for you to know if you’re Ottawa personal trainer is good or if your Ottawa boot camp specialist is good. And here are the top four things. Number one, that I have a stocked pile of before and off that pitches of past and present clients so you can see with your own eyes that they’re successful. Number two, did they have testimonials in multiple forms from before and after pictures that we mentioned, to audio testimonials, to written testimonials, to video testimonials. Number three, how do you know your boot camp specialist or your personal trainer is good? Are they certified from a global recognized certification body such as the YMCA, Primary Fitness, and American College of Sports Medicine, Chek certified, Charles Poliquin certified Or JC Santana certified. They’re just six certification programs that will recognize respected by industry professionals worldwide. And number four, how do you know that your Ottawa personal trainer or boot camp specialist is awesome? Do they walk the talk? Meaning, they don’t have to look like a Mister or Miss Olympia and have 25 inch arms. Are they healthy? Are they positive? I’ll give you an example, Jim (02:02:07) mentioned that I worked at the past that half of these trainers look pretty good but between each client, they will run in backstage to the coffee room lighting up a cigarette and smoking. The others would drink in like a liter of rock star energy drinks to keep their energy up because they couldn’t control it naturally. Now, is that the kind of person that you want to invest and trust your body to? And that is someone that I don’t want to. So those are the top four things that I’d look at. Now I need you to look up when choosing what trainer is right for you and what boot camp specialist is right for you. And if you want to check out us, please .e to reveluketion and I’ll see you next time. Same Luke time, same Luke place, and same Luke channel. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: