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"Ode to joy, since Gubei town two days of driving – tourism has as big Sohu, I often appear Gemini two extremes in travel life, or just don’t go out in Beijing, not even downstairs, all through the app software to fix, such as massage, nail. Send takeout, supermarket, laundry or shoes, is to go out to the airport, and go abroad mostly, then that is a variety of run…… So, when I was sad, the autumn of Beijing this year I really don’t have time to experience the fate, see Volvo and tick a # Jinqiu carpool together feeling # fun Ode to joy Beijing Railway Station car activities, I have cherished Gubei town and inside the tall on the five star The Springs Hotel trip, so echocardiography hurry, sign up and fly back from Seoul to participate in self driving activities. Travel Introduction: July afternoon, seven sets of Volvo XC60 in Beijing Golden Port Auto Park Yan Hao Volvo 4S shop assembly after the end point of Beijing Miyun gubeishui town. April morning climb the Great Wall Simatai afternoon, beijing. Beijing departure of self driving route: along the Beijing Chengde expressway, the Great Wall Simatai exit, on the right side of the left fork minutes Gubei town parking lot. When I saw the blue logo of Volvo, the beauty made me think of the deep blue sky of northern Europe, the clean air, the calm, calm and calm. Choose a car, such as watching people, I would like to choose the people of Volvo should have a calm, a calm, a little calm. We started the day coincided with Beijing’s haze (three times it is not landing Hongkong flights flew back to that day), but sitting in the car in the air is very fresh, thanks to the interior air quality system. Car air quality system can ensure the air quality inside the car, environmental protection and so on, so that the car does not taste. Encounter | Gubei town Gubei town is a resort style town unique style of the northern foot of the Great Wall simatai. Although the town is jointly funded the construction by the four group, but the Simatai section of the Great Wall have a glorious history. The Great Wall is China Gubeikou the Great Wall in the history of the most complete system of the Great Wall. Composed of northern the Great Wall and the Great Wall, including Wohu hill, broom hill, Jinshanling and Simatai section of a city. To the town when the water is already in the evening, but when we apply for good baggage, check-in, access to the town when the sun has gone down the mountain. Walk through the town of water, the mind cannot help but came back to "outside the pavilion, road side, green lawn, the willow flute Fu remnant, sunset shanwaishan." Look at the kite I looked at the little playmates pulled the small kite line running in the open park, trying to make the kite fly scene. This, water town night beauty is so touching. I was born in the south of Yangtze River, see Gubei town or not stop at. Gubei town is the most attractive it night and various lights. Colorful water相关的主题文章: