October – the first day of trading the stock market to open the door to see red Beijing vidalia

October – the first day of trading the stock market to open the door to see red Beijing in the external market Puzhang situation, investors look forward to in the morning, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets show opener, gem rose more than 1%. However, by the impact of the property market regulation, real estate stocks fell sharply in the morning. Morning closing, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 37 points. For the afternoon, the agency pointed out that the next three to six months are the risk of release of A shares. Morning real estate sector fell during the National Day holiday, a number of cities have issued a new property market regulation policies, and more to restart the purchase of restricted loans. Morning opening, the real estate sector fell, the decline in the industry ranked first. Vanke A also fell more than 4%, HUAFA, golden group, the first open shares, dragon real estate and Financial Street underperformed. For the impact of the property market regulation of the stock market, many institutions have their own interpretation. Founder of macro Ren Zeping pointed out that the real estate market regulation of funds favorable, basic bad, part of the cyclical stocks under pressure, favorable infrastructure. In addition, the residents of the purchase of a positive decline in food consumption, tourism and leisure, sports and entertainment, automotive, home appliances and other consumer sectors. It suggested that investors can focus on consumption, SOE reform and other topics. It pointed out that the real estate regulation to increase the downward pressure on the economy and inflation in the future, bad credit debt, positive interest rate debt, but the monetary policy and the devaluation of the RMB devaluation pressure constraints bond market. The purchase of the property market will stimulate the stock market? The property market suffered a blow and a shout, "a city volume downhill. Qianhai open source fund, said Yang Delong, previously in the context of abundant funds, the choice of funds to invest in the property market as a whole, there has been a large number of leveraged buy a house phenomenon. Then the property market regulation, the property market will be where the funds will become a hot topic of concern, will flow into the stock market? On September 2008, GF Securities, May 2014 the two prices fell in the monetary easing cycle, during which time the stock market fell after the first rise, a sharp rise, does not exclude the housing market funds flowing into the stock market. In September 2011 prices fell before tightening monetary policy in December 5, 2011, to the RRR to confirm the monetary policy from tight to loose change, and at the time the prices fell within the period of stock market are tumbled, indicating that the housing funds did not flow back to the stock market. This shows that the real estate regulation is not significant to the seesaw effect of long-term capital and short-term stock market brought in. Step back, from a historical point of view, even if the real estate regulation takes place in a bear market, these regulations can not reverse the trend of the stock market at least. Investors already have admitted in the morning, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market has a good start in the expectations of investors. In fact, had already appeared. According to statistics, after investors have come in. In the first three weeks of September, the number of new investors account for the number of 453 thousand and 300, respectively, 316 thousand and 600, 510 thousand and 400. The last week of last week, the number of new investors to open an account of 510 thousand and 400 ranked in the forefront of this week’s data, far more than the average number of new investors in June and in July, an average of 320 thousand. In addition, from the beginning of August, the number of new investors account growth. This 0相关的主题文章: