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Observe the people’s daily commentator: Ideological and strict, often calcium regather – View – people.com.cn ideals and beliefs is the most dangerous shake shake, thought landslide is the most serious disease. If the Party cadres in the ideological line of defense on the loose, even xianggeyiqiu, violation of the law in the course of time will let things drift, swallow the bitter fruit, and ultimately affect the party’s cohesion and combat effectiveness of the firm ideals and beliefs as the primary task in the political life of the party "," the Marx doctrine of faith and conviction in socialism and communism as a lifelong pursuit "," leading cadres, particularly senior cadres should take practical action to let the power of Party members and the masses feel the ideal faith"…… Open the party’s the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee communique, ideal, faith, faith and other key words eye-catching. Repeatedly stressed the ideals and beliefs, strictly from the ideological education, is promoting the current outstanding characteristics of comprehensive strictly, but also to learn a dimension and implement the spirit of the plenary session can not be ignored. "The desire to do things, must be the heart", thought is the forerunner of action. For the Communists, the ideal and faith is the most dangerous shaken, the idea of the landslide is the most serious lesions. In celebration of the 95 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, general secretary Xi Jinping mentioned the ideals and beliefs of the 7". Six plenary session of the Central Committee once again called on the whole party to firmly establish the "Four Consciousness", the firm ideals and beliefs as the primary task in the political life of the party, the party’s basic line in the primary stage of socialism, is regarded as the lifeblood of the party and the country people’s happiness line. These are fully illustrated, in the new historical conditions, the ideological construction of the party building in the first place, insist on combining ideological construction and system of the party, our party can always stand, the eternal vitality. Is the foundation of Party’s ideological construction system, affect the direction of the system construction. Forging a serious political life in the party, in a sense is also a "Ideological revolution". Of the party since eighteen, from the mass line of educational practice, to three strict three "two do"; from the strict political discipline and political rules, to the party’s political life blazing furnace…… Comrade Xi Jinping at the core of the Party Central Committee deployed a series of activities of ideological education, reiterated the discipline required to consolidate and promote the spirit of calcium supplement, promote conscious action to ideological consciousness. In fact, grasp the leading ideological education, can make solid foundation for the system of the party. In an all-round way strictly in the context of a conscious thought to implement the system requirements, on the one hand relying on institutional constraints to strengthen the ideological education, is becoming a new period of strict party political life, strengthen the distinctive orientation of inner-party supervision. According to "several criteria" about the political life of the party under the new situation and China "Communist Party Supervision Regulations", whether it is stressed that the ideals and faith, adhere to the basic line, maintain clean and honest political qualities of the party, or that adherence to the party’s political discipline and political rules, from the system level to carry out the ideological construction made specific arrangements and requirements, reflects the institutional constraints to strengthen top-level design ideological construction "". Deliberation by plenary session相关的主题文章: