North Korea last year, only $70 thousand investment in 1997 to the lowest – Sohu news

North Korea’s investment in China last year, only $70 thousand in 1997 to the lowest – Sohu News Reference News Network reported on November 15th, South Korean media said that the mutual investment between China and North Korea has shrunk dramatically. According to the analysis of China’s official data released by the Korea Trade Association Beijing representative office 14, the results show that in 2015 North Korea invested only $70 thousand. This is the lowest since the beginning of 1997 related statistics. According to Yonhap reported in November 14th 2005, the Korean investment in China $1 million 290 thousand, then fluctuated, reaching US $11 million 220 thousand in 2010, the highest point. From 2011 onwards, North Korea’s investment in China dropped to $2 million 680 thousand in 2013, was $290 thousand in 2014, only $70 thousand in 2015. Reported that China’s investment in 2012 was $109 million 460 thousand, the highest point in history, after all the way down, in 2013 was $86 million 200 thousand in 2014 was $51 million 940 thousand in 2015 was $41 million 210 thousand. 2015, China’s investment in North Korea accounted for only 0.03% of total foreign investment. Since the beginning of this year, the UN Security Council sanctions resolution, which further affected bilateral trade, mutual investment may decline further.相关的主题文章: