North American summer file lost the worst Binnn anger 800 million

North American summer file lost the worst? "Binnn", "Binnn" is the 800 million loss of anger this summer’s biggest box office a dud Sina entertainment news Beijing on September 9th news, according to foreign media reports, the Russian director Timo · Bekmambetov (Timur Bekmambetov) the new version of "Binnn’s" (Ben-Hur) since its release in mid August only made 53 million 900 thousand at the box office, a file this summer the maximum of a "box office dud", the failure of the movie or paramount and MGM will bring $120 million (about 802 million yuan) of the staggering losses. "Binnn", a remake of the 1959 classic film, but in 1959 the old version of "Binnn" won 11 Oscar awards including best film, the 2016 remake version allows MGM and paramount green regret the intestines. Jack · (Jack), ·, (Toby Kebbell) starring the film since the release in mid August has only made 53 million 900 thousand of the world’s box office, of which the domestic box office is only $25 million ($) in Huston. Although the film will be in the next few overseas markets to draw, but in view of the previous box office decline, industry experts predict the new version of Binnn, the global box office is difficult to more than $75 million. The new version of "Binnn", the production cost of nearly $100 million, marketing costs not included, so bad at the box office will bring $120 million in losses for investors paramount and mgm. MGM will bear most of the losses, because more than 80% of the investment and the vast majority of publicity costs are MGM bear, paramount may lose $13 million. "Binnn" reputation is also quite bad, the film in the rotten tomatoes online freshness of only 28%, Metacritic score on the film is only about 38 points. In addition to "Ben Hur, this summer blockbuster and crashed out of the giant" dream "(The BFG)," Alice in Wonderland "(2 Alice Through the Looking Glass) and several works. By Steven · Spielberg (Steven Spielberg) directed by a "giant" investment of 140 million, the global box office is only $160 million, Disney and other investors will lose 90 million to 100 million dollars. Alice in Wonderland 2 investment of $170 million, the world’s $295 million at the box office, probably will bring $65 million loss to Disney. Fortunately, the captain of the United States 3 (Captain America: War) and Nemo Civil (Finding Dory) so that Disney earned a lot, but also to restore some of the losses. (West) (commissioning editor: Camus)相关的主题文章: