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Ningbo cracked a network of major manufacturing and selling fake drugs verified more than 400 sale network to find the formula, through the mobile network platform to contact the seller to purchase raw materials, blending into various preparations by adding pigment, tap water, vinegar and other methods…… Recently, Ningbo city Beilun district market authority for more than a month after Paimo covert investigation, successfully cracked a network of major manufacturing and selling fake drugs, the items involved were withheld according to law, the parties Lee jingfangxingju. According to the investigation, November 2015, Lee without obtaining a business license, opened a store in Pedicure, Kaohsiung streets face, Lee came to Pedicure guests treating onychomycosis and corns, wart, beriberi, dermatitis, eczema and other diseases, but secretly, he dry is the use of network illegal selling counterfeit activities. The drug formulation is found on the Internet, pharmaceutical raw materials is also through the mobile network platform to contact the seller to purchase, Lee just formula by adding pigment, tap water, vinegar and other methods of blending into various pharmaceutical formulations according to the." According to the relevant person in charge of Beilun district market supervision bureau, Lee also through the network channel purchased the corresponding external packaging and instructions, and through these network channels for marketing. After more than a month of checking and checking, on the premise of mastering some key evidence, the Beilun public security department launched a surprise inspection on the night of September 27th. Investigators at the scene found a large number of treatment for psoriasis, skin diseases, onychomycosis, acne raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, such as as many as 47 kinds, and other manufacturing tools, instructions, packaging tools, the value of about 6 yuan. In these fake drugs, there are some commonly used drugs, such as "special curing agent", "skin universal cream", "nasal drops", "pen tube brush", "lotus leaf" and so on. The scene also seized the packaging is ready to send to Henan, Jiangsu drug express 2 copies, has issued more than 100 copies of the courier, contact more than 450 customers list, 12 formulations of drug formulations. From the proven more than 400 sales point of view, the customer group involves Xinjiang, Anhui, Shanghai, Henan and other ten provinces and cities." Introduction to the person in charge of handling a case. Ningbo sent reporters learned that, according to state regulations, production and management of pharmaceuticals must receive "drug production license" and "drug license", the behavior has been suspected to constitute the production and sale of counterfeit crime, the Beilun Market Supervision Bureau seized the shop and seized all the items involved, Lee has been the Department of public security detention. Specific cases are under further investigation.

宁波破获一起网络制售假药大案 查实400多笔销售网络上找来配方,再通过移动网络平台联系卖家购置相关原料,通过添加色素、自来水、米醋等方法勾兑成各种制剂……近日,宁波市北仑区市场监管局经过一个多月的排摸暗查,成功破获一起网络制售假药大案,目前涉案物品均被依法扣压,当事人李某被刑拘。据查,2015年11月,李某在未领取营业执照的前提下,在小港街道开了一家修脚店,明面上,李某为前来修脚的客人治疗灰指甲、鸡眼、瘊子、脚气、皮炎、湿疹等病症,但暗地里,他干的却是利用网络非法制售假药的勾当。“药品的配方是网络上找来的,药品的原料也是通过移动网络平台联系卖家购入,李某只是根据配方通过添加色素、自来水、米醋等方法就勾兑成了各种药物制剂。”据北仑区市场监管局相关负责人介绍,李某还通过网络渠道购置了相应的外包装和说明书,并通过这些网络渠道进行推销。经过一个多月的排摸暗查,在掌握一些关键性证据的前提下,9月27日晚,北仑市场监管联合公安部门对其开展突击检查。办案人员在现场发现大量用于治疗牛皮癣、皮肤病、灰指甲、青春痘的原料,半成品、成品药剂等多达47种,另有制假工具、说明书、包装工具若干,货值约6万余元。“在这些假药中,包含有‘尤必治调和剂’、‘皮肤万用膏’、‘呼噜滴鼻液’、‘笔管刷’、‘荷叶’等一些较常用的药品。现场还查获已包装好正准备发往河南、江苏的药品快件2份,已发出的快递单100余份,联系的客户名单450余条,药品制剂配方12条。从已查实的400多笔销售来看,客户群涉及新疆、安徽、上海、河南等十几个省市。”办案负责人介绍。甬派记者了解到,按国家规定,生产经营药品必须领取《药品生产许可证》、《药品经营许可证》,当事人行为已涉嫌构成生产销售假药罪,目前北仑市场监管局查封了该店并将涉案物品全数扣押,李某已被公安部门刑拘。具体案件正在进一步调查之中。相关的主题文章: