Network platform ordering, cottage Yang Shengjian also eat a large piece of glass (video)-cibi

Network platform ordering, cottage Yang Shengjian also eat a large piece of glass, recently, a citizen of Shanghai through the online ordering platform point out a takeaway, resulting in a large piece of glass in the Venetian bag. Recently, netizens new_whoe rebellion, two days before their online ordering platform, ordering a blind bag, after eating a few bites, gabang children at the mouth. Spit it out, it turns out to be a piece of hard glass slag. And it’s not small. It’s about 50 fen coins, according to the pictures. So, this netizen Ming immediately find businesses, for saying, see from the screenshot, from the name to logo, like a Shanghai a famous fried small shop Yang Shengjian! But a closer look, a word, this is called Yang Wensheng fry". Such a large glass enclosed into the blind bag, stores do not think it is possible. Although the mouth does not recognize, but then, the netizen’s account, but received a transfer from 130 yuan, one called the "Yang brother" account, the transfer statement also write to you 10 times: Yang Wensheng fried soup money. No apology, direct money, how much sincerity is there? Netizens in micro-blog replied that he does not care about the amount of compensation, more important is the regret of the business, as well as the third party ordering platform, the supervision of the merchant in place? We hope that the ordering platform, businesses can find out the whole story, timely communication with consumers, and strict control of food safety. "" "universal creation Festival billion investment cicadas wait for you to take" "" today recommended: parking is difficult to become a hot focus of the Municipal Construction Committee: to encourage potential additional parking spaces more than 7 Apple mobile phone user complaints often "lost" official can not find the problem of crane crane brakes smashed through the windshield of the car hook at the age of 26 drunk man remains missing 4 days was found to have been ruled out homicide man sitting on the subway fare evasion station staff and enthusiastic people after the "50 meters" "video: Mercedes Benz vs Porsche Shanghai street racing performance speed is not what Ferrari delivery! Have you seen the roller coaster dining room? (this video is only extended). Move your fingers and inquire about traffic violations at any time! Sweep down the two-dimensional code, concern Tencent big Shen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)

网络平台订餐遇山寨小杨生煎 还吃出一大块玻璃 近日,上海一位市民通过网络订餐平台点了一份外卖,结果在百叶包里吃出了一大块玻璃。近日,网友new_whoe报料,前两天自己在网络订餐平台上,订购了一份百叶包,结果吃了几口之后,嘴里嘎嘣儿了一下。吐出来一看,竟然是一块 坚硬的玻璃渣。而且个头还不小,根据图片对比,有五毛钱硬币那么大。于是,这明网友立马找到了商家,讨要说法,从截图里看到,从店名到logo,都像极了一家上海的一家知名生煎店小杨生煎!但再仔细一看,有一字之差,这家叫“杨文生煎”。这么大玻璃渣被包进了百叶包里,店家觉得不太可能。虽说嘴上不认账,但是随后,这名网友的账户里,却收到了一笔130元的转账,来自一位叫“杨哥”的账户,转账说明里还写着:杨文生煎转给你十倍的汤钱。没有一句道歉,直接砸钱,这里边到底有多少诚意?网友在微博回复中表示,自己在意的并不是赔偿金有多少,更重要的是商家的悔意,还有作为第三方订餐平台,对商家监督到位了吗?我们希望订餐平台、商家能够查清原委,及时和消费者沟通,并对食品安全严格把关。》》》知了全民创作盛典 亿元投资等你来拿》》》今日推荐:停车难成热议焦点 市住建委:鼓励挖潜增建停车位多名苹果7用户投诉手机常“失联” 官方查不出问题起重机吊车刹车失灵 吊钩砸穿轿车后挡风玻璃26岁男子酒后失踪4天遗体被发现 已排除他杀可能男子坐地铁逃票 站务人员和热心群众追其50米》》》视频:奔驰vs保时捷上海街头飙车 表演生死时速 法拉利送外卖不算什么!过山车送餐见过吗? (该视频仅供延展)动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章: