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More than 100 new home Sichuan, local food, help you end up to the climax Restaurant – Sohu and bring you the latest experience for more than one hundred Home Dishes experience hot Home Dishes, help you end up to the climax restaurant took two months, Sichuan cuisine magazine in Sichuan Province, a selection of more than a dozen well-known popular restaurant, production mode these restaurants and management has become the representative of a region, we hereby order the ground fresh and distinctive features, useful resources, from the decoration of the restaurant management experience, to share, to produce classical sections, is that we need to present a "food inspection activities in the kitchen.". – Chengdu – we choose "daronghe restaurant", because they will launch more than 100 dish of innovation at the end of October, we not only have the opportunity to feel the restaurant in the Home Dishes in the first time, the general store also share management experience and everybody; we choose the "star hotel", because it is the file and a series of Home Dishes a simple hidden but beautiful spot, and "pumpkin?", also can make a sales of eighty or ninety copies of the classic dishes, not only in this aspect; we choose "next door dish", because the boss again for the Home Dishes upgrade, for years Home Dishes he will give us a cook the new table gluttonous feast; – Meishan – we choose "her horse", is to make everyone feel Sichuan cook "xuewang" and local dishes we choose the "most incisive; Su Xiang farmer food", can you feel Home Dishes "peak attitude"; Ma Su Xiang Hongya cuisine dishes her farmer – we choose "Qi three Hotel", is to let you feel the rich "earthy native dishes" we let you taste the vine; pepper feast, is to let you know the vine pepper culture and the story behind it. Qi three Hotel local food cane pepper feast for 4.5 days, more than a dozen restaurants, stores the total experience sharing, exchange of innovative dishes chef, exciting again and again, looking forward to joining you. Activity time: November 2016 – 11 (reported on the 6 day) registration fee: $4980 / person registration hotline: 13408062349 (or WeChat), 028 – 86248819相关的主题文章: