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Mobile-Cell-Phone Mobile Payment also known as Mobile money or mobile wallet, a convenient system that drastically changed the way of money transfer system. Mobile Payment system, is based on mobile e.merce industry from its beginning on 1997 to till date, have gone through many up gradation with external hardware integration that interface directly with payment apps. One of the latest money transactions system Loop Mobile Payment launched and now available for iOS devices. Through the iOS Loop Wallet App you can purchase at any Point Of Sale that accept credit card payment. Loop Payment is different from NFC based payment such as Isis and Google Wallet. Using Loop Fob, a little 3.5 cm device attached to your phone you can purchase at almost 90% of POS in USA. This loop Fob mobile payment backed by, $1o million, a series of funding on KickStarter and now could dethrone the Google Wallet, PayPal, Isis and other mobile payment provider because their technology requires new POS system. On the other hand Loop does not require merchants to purchase new POS or to upgrade their hardware. Loop is building a platform that allows consumers to store all of their cards in a phone. This is not limited to credit and debit cards but loyalty cards, gift cards, ID cards and membership cards can also be stored and organized in Loop’s virtual wallet. Also through LoopWallet app you can take photo of your ID, Membership card and even Receipt also. At Present LoopWallet App is available in iOS application and Loop Fob is available in US market in Cost $39. Their Android App will also be available in months. In this payment system .pany launched two of its product and the first is Loop Fob that is actually a small audio jack with a built in card reader that safely store your cards encrypted into a secure memory module. The Loop Fob is .patible with both iOS and Android phones. This device can simply transfer your card data while attached to you phone.The Second one is LoopCharge Case is a protective case and it .es with an encrypted card reader to swipe in your all of your mag stripe card into a charge case. The technology used in the Loop Wallet mobile payment, called Mag.ic Secure Transmission Technology, this device can transmits card data to the mag.ic stripe card readers. And as we know in USA merchants use mag.ic stripe card reader at POS system. So Loop Fob may now going to beat Google Wallet, PayPal, Isis and other. Because these service provider for mobile payment are able to serve seven or eight percent merchants. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: