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Family milk back breastfeeding Raiders must see Mommy workplace – Sohu maternal mothers give birth to the child is still breastfeeding go back to work, can only use the gap of storage of breast milk, back at night when the second days of the "food for the baby home". If you are pregnant or are raising a baby, and intend to join the back of the milk after a long time, may wish to take a look at this little knowledge about the milk back. What is the back of the milk back to the workplace, but want to insist on breastfeeding, many mothers have joined the glorious back milk team. Work will milk out of the refrigerator, or cold bag, rush back home to mother’s milk, feeding the baby to eat. What are the conditions of the milk back to the family 1, the mother should have sufficient breast milk secretion; 2, the work should be more suitable for milking environment; 3, to do a good job of breast milk storage. Back milk needed supplies and equipment [] if you are not a manual breast pump milking, milking machine is one of the most essential activities. Electric pump type, manual type. Selection should pay attention to: (1) the need for appropriate suction. (2) there is no pain in the nipple. (3) able to fine tune the suction pressure. The baby’s sucking pressure is 60-100mmHg, but because the milk is not pure tension nipple, so it is not as long as the choice of pump suction can be strong. If you don’t have a refrigerator, it’s a must. The methods used are as follows: (1) the blue ice or ice packs placed the freezer, take out refrigerated tools. (2) will be filled with milk stored bottles or bags into a blue ice or ice packs insulation barrel or package, can be cold preservation, and easy to carry. (3) placed in the insulation bag for more than 10 hours, if you need to continue storage, should be considered transferred to the refrigerator. The breast milk is stored in a breast milk bag or bottle, which can be stored in a sterile state. Do not use cheap fresh bagged breast milk, in order to prevent contamination of breast milk. [anti galactorrhea pad] when you are working or to see clients as breast milk and wet clothes in front, this is very embarrassing, anti galactorrhea pad dry clothes and ensure refreshing feeling long time. Mommy milk back four steps workplace first step: preparing supplies disinfection sealing breast pump well, and the milk storage appliance and sucking device supporting a plurality of bottles, or breast milk storage bag. [M] cool mother reminder: sealing the best selection of the best plastic products suitable for frozen, good plastic products, then it is best not to use glass products, metal products, activity factor in breast milk will be attached to the glass or metal, reduce breast milk nutrients. The second step: to find a suitable for sucking sucking places, such as free office, conference rooms and other personnel less into place, before the best milk and say hello, don’t bother. Thoroughly clean hands, wipe with a clean gauze or towel to wipe the breast, and then squeeze out the initial milk some clean and moist nipple.相关的主题文章: