Masked add a new song will cross the female suspect Fan Bingbing drop dead diva

"Masked" add new sing a suspected Fan Bingbing cross-border female Sina entertainment news last week, a large music reality show "Skoda · reasoning; masked sing will guess", Na Ying [micro-blog]], micro-blog Selina[joined the jury guess verse frequently, the audience refer to "fun", "I’m not what yaoezi" Zhou Shen, "the fairy tale is not a lie" and the "trick or treat the Lolita" and "Jie Li Jiage gorgeous face, King told me to", "violent temper Xiaoming" enemy Mami, will leave to the program. This week, just announced the pregnancy news "mother" Ella[] micro-blog domineering guess jury return, "laughed very little", "do not know the day ye black" and "Concubine", "the last dinosaur" four strong remedium new sings, the style is different, their God pass. Beauty will be acting "cross-border domineering woman 1" the spirit of Fan Bingbing [micro-blog] new sing "do not know the day’s black" available "stunning four" word to describe her, dressed in a black dress, wearing a mop, long black gloves, wear a diviner like magic hat, black layers cover, full of mystery. Elegant temperament behavior between "Black God", a play, guess the jury could not help but admire her extraordinary aura, Momoco Tao [micro-blog] first said: "I think she is so good, there may in fact be (TV drama) female one?" "Is." She immediately admitted her identity as an actress. The identity of a cross border singer was identified, and Ella tactfully reasoned, "who claims to be God?" The following key clues, we immediately click into place, immediately "targeted" to "Fan Ye" Fan Bingbing. Coincidentally, Fan Bingbing’s recent film "I am not Pan Jinlian" is the fiery propaganda, to the identity of the cross-border singer to join the "masked singing" will increase the degree of heat, perhaps not impossible? However, in the face of this speculation guess jury, "do not know the day ye black" in accordance with the practice of playing Tai Chi, the first is "more" to explain his own name: "because I live in a man", in addition there are beautiful figure she also modestly said: "someone special love the black, black thin, so I usually love to wear black clothes." This intriguing "thin" and it is a hint? Seeing the traces more and more, Eric Moo has been in a completely anxious to sit, several serial questions "overbearing": "are you filming is to determine the right? Is there a red carpet? Have won a prize? Do you have a brother? Is there any water in the name?" There." As the name of "Lord of the black", for each answer is very simply, but the answer is obviously towards the "Fan Ye" in the direction of a step forward. Shen Nan continued to ask, "do you shoot more costume or fashion show more?" During the day do not understand the black is a mysterious smile, you guess?" Play, award-winning, face guess jury also very calm and composed, it seems that the daytime don’t understand, the black background will not small. "The expression" singing will be staged "the history of the collapse of" talent Ella shouted "enough" in the new period, will sing "laugh very little)相关的主题文章: