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Quit-Smoking Before writing any advantages of electronic cigarette , it is necessary to know, why do people smoke? There are millions of people around the world who smoke independently or hide themselves from others while smoking and get caught on the clutches of dangerous diseases. According to the 2002 statistics, it was revealed that one-third of the men’s population never fail to smoke at least once in a day. More than 10 millions of cigarette packets are being purchased daily. There are many reasons behind people smoking and one such reason is the addiction. This addiction rises because of the nicotine which is added in the cigarettes and is the leading .ponents of cigarette. When a person takes a puff the nicotine that is present in cigarette brings some calm in your mind. The nicotine that is present in cigarette activates the nerves of your mind brings pleasure in your mind. And this pleasure then the addiction and helps to withdraw emotional depression. It is very hard to give up this habit even when you know that it is very risky for your health. The other reason for the growth of smoking people is various tastes that are being brought up. You might have heard of menthol cigarettes that are being sold like hotcakes. Apart from this there are also some other taste that attracts people to keep going. Now its time to know the major benefits of electronic cigarette : According to the statistics, it is revealed that 1 out of 10 people die due to affect of heavy smoking. If this continues, then by 2030, number of death toll will increase. If you dont want to increase this toll dont want to .e under the list then try for electronic cigarette. The advantage of this electronic cigarette is that it reduces the risk of lung cancer. When you keep on puffing standard cigarettes it damages your lunges, but in electronic cigarette your lung will be safe. The reason is it this device does not contain high amount of nicotine, tar and other injurious substances. By using these electronic cigarettes you can improve your quality of life and also your partner may not feel any un.fortable when you smoke through this device, as they do not release any smoke instead they release vapors. The best advantage of electronic cigarette is that, you can smoke indoors too. There are many places where smoking is prohibited. But by using this device youre free to smoke anywhere and it also helps in increasing your productivity by 7 percent. So quitting smoke is a very good decision but it is not as easy as we think. So trying it slowly can be done and if you dont want to quite it entirely and want to live longer life then you can go for electronic cigarette. Since there are very less substance in this device which you find in standard cigarettes these can be much safer to use. You can even save your money as this device .e in very low in price anyone can buy it. So after buying this you dont have to go for packets of cigarette. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: